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Your technology projects perfectly staffed, implemented and managed. From IT Networking, Security, Client-server, Storage, Collaboration tools, Data centres, Blockchain to IoTech and Industry 4.0. Fast and dedicated, by Project Based Services (PBS) – a division of Simac Professional Services.

We are part of Simac Professional Services.

Your challenge

Technology projects require various resources and multiple expertises. And a sublime service to enjoy absolute continuity and support after implementation. Project Based Services meets your needs, with self-sufficient project teams, the required IT solutions and permanent monitoring. 

"In terms of IT & OT, Project Based Services moves according to the rhythm of your business. We dive deep into your project challenges and place the best people and solutions in the right position. We do so with technological savviness, like a lean IT machine, in the EMEA action terrain. From assessment to installation, speed is our strength. Talented engineers, project managers, program managers, consultants and ECO partners are by your side like the perfect conductors with their expertise and long-term service."

Peter Vanderlinden - Sales & Business Development


  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Speed & agility
  • Certainty of delivery
  • In line with the most stringent industry requirements
  • Cross-fertilisation with our departments IT Staffing and IoTech & Industry 4.0


What exactly do you need? In the field of technology or product-oriented? And how and when do you want to roll it out? We gain that insight during an assessment, and then translate your requirements into future-proof technology with managed services – training, support, monitoring, (out)-sourcing.


Project Based Services is an end-to-end IT integrator with in-depth knowledge of the following industries:

  • Pharma
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Industry
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