The design and implementation of your physical data center is our business


We design, plan and implement complex ICT related network connectivity & IT infrastructure solutions. Apart from the expertise to properly install and maintain, we are capable to manage the life cycle of the complete ICT environment on a day-to-day basis. 

Cabling & Infrastructure
Looking for a partner with a broad background in data center design, fit-out, audit and operation? We understand the technical and business implications of a data center project. We are keen to help you succeed!
Focus on Data Centers

Evolving technologies drive business innovation. They lead to ever-increasing demand for storage and computing power. 
Data centers evolved into what is today, a very dynamic environment, where the rules of engagement constantly seem to change. Simac developed a suite of services to help you cope with these challenges.

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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure comprises a broad variety of components (i.e. rack systems, conduits, UPS, air conditioning, fire protection and physical security) that are the foundation of your own IT solutions. Tell us about your current infrastructure needs, and we'll help you prepare for the challenges of the future!

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Structured Cabling

Simac is an expert integrator of structured cabling solutions from leading manufacturers. We design, install and maintain wired and wireless networks in offices and industrial environments. Focusing on data centers, our primary aim is to work out a functional concept, that is “fit for purpose”.

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