About Simac

Simac ICT Belgium is part of Simac Techniek, a strategic ICT integrator active in the Benelux. Our core business is ensuring that your company’s ICT infrastructure is working at its best in order to advance the business, rather than merely support it. We maximize the performance of your current systems, while assisting in your transformation towards new opportunities.

Company Compass Simac ICT Belgium

As our company compass shows, we work with customers in different service models, around competencies such as security, networking, cabling, application and infrastructure monitoring, collaboration, storage and servers, etc., while also building expertise in emerging technologies such as blockchain, the Internet of Things, and other emerging technologies.

Four business units

Our offering is organized into four business units: Integration, Cabling & Infrastructure, Business Management Solution and IT Staffing.

Simac ICT Belgium offers a wide range of complementary services, and can act as a one-stop-shop for many customers. Our focus on the datacenter exemplifies that. Each of our four business units adds value to the life cycle of a datacenter: Cabling & Infrastructure builds the infrastructure for the datacenter, while Integration provides Cloud, server, storage and networking capacity. Our Business Management Services manages and optimizes the applications, while the Professional Services division staffs the datacenter. Being able to rely on a single partner gives our customers a  clear edge.

Partner strategy

Simac ICT Belgium has partnerships with a limited number of A-brands. This allows us to specialize thoroughly, while still offering our customers freedom of choice.

We are in it for the long term

Simac ICT Belgium prides itself on maintaining a loyal customer base. Some of our commercial relationships go back 10, 20 years or more. We always work towards a common goal – delivering the best IT-solutions to business users –  which creates the most fertile soil for a long-term relationship. A true partnership avoids ‘us vs them’ thinking. That’s what we at Simac like to call ‘Teamnology’.

250 dedicated and driven employees
Strong parterships with A-brands
High-quality technology
Always customer-focused
Personal attention for every individual