IoTech & Industry 4.0

From manual to digital

Automate, optimise and save. Whichever operational process, you will achieve it with IoTech. It’s a matter of making your data insightful, and learn from this to make your business processes smarter – with innovative and proven technology.

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Goods, people, processes

Your challenge, that’s where it all starts for Simac IoTech, your experts in IoTech & Industry 4.0. With the right technology we make production processes visible, we integrate electronics and focus on goods, people, processes and everything in between. We do not sell products, but proven industrial solutions that are perfectly integrated and tailored to your needs.

"We introduce added value to companies in need of an expert partner, a mature industrial solution and in-depth integration based on a thorough needs analysis - checked with the business and operational units. To arrive at a solution provided by our architecture, developed with IoTech in mind, in synergy with what partners/suppliers can do in co-development with us and tailored to the customer's needs."

Dave Engel - Senior IoTech & Industry 4.0 specialist


  • Cost saving
  • Compliance
  • Predictivity
  • Process optimisation
  • Data & process visibility
  • Performance improvement
  • Better customer experience
  • More proactivity in processes
  • Quality products-in-process control


IoT translates perfectly to your business context. There are many technologies we can unleash, but we are not going to impose anything. With appropriate and affordable technology, we eliminate repetitive human actions and transform routine processes so they can take place automatically. And this is how.


Simac IoTech is an end-to-end IoT integrator with in-depth knowledge of the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Transport & logistics
  • Public Services

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I am Dave Engel, IoTech & Industry 4.0 specialist. For over 25 years, I have been helping companies digitise and optimise industrial, logistic, production and distribution processes. What are your challenges?