26 February 2024

Forging the future: the strategic alliance between Simac IoTech and PDi Digital

The future of digital asset tracking is happening right now. New alliances are in the making that will forever change the meaning of global connectivity. Read the success story of how Simac IoTech, leader in IoTech and Industry 4.0 solutions, is joining forces with PDi Digital, a pioneer in the business of digital disruption. This collaboration is the start of a synergistic partnership journey towards transforming production processes and pushing the boundaries of digitalization in key industries –

Simac IoTech brings to the table its expertise in making production processes visible, integrating electronics and tailoring proven industrial solutions to the specific needs of businesses based on a comprehensive analysis of both commercial and operational requirements. Meanwhile, PDi Digital introduces its revolutionary sepioo® IIoT platform, digital displays, and ultra-low energy digital IoT displays, empowering customers and partners to maximize their digital potential and achieve process efficiency like never before.

Together, Simac IoTech and PDi Digital are set to offer unparalleled solutions that are perfectly integrated and developed with IoTech in mind, driving innovation and digital disruption to create a more connected and sustainable world.

Asset localisation in the manufacturing and aviation industry

The collaboration between Simac Io Tech and PDi Digital constitutes a significant step forward in the digital transformation journey of one of our aviation industry clients, focusing on the critical need for asset identification and localization. Dave Engel, Senior Industry 4.0 & IoT Specialist at Simac, elaborates: “Our expertise in integrating PDi Digital’s advanced solutions seamlessly aligns with the project requirements of our customer, enhancing the value of assets through innovative labelling technologies.” Opting for PDi over alternatives means prioritising data safety, selecting high-quality and innovative products for their reliability and security. This partnership is instrumental in continuously refining PDi’s products and roadmap with insights from Simac, translating specific requirements into development trajectories that enhance product functionality.

The collaboration between Simac IoTech and PDi Digital introduces not just a step forward in asset localisation but a leap into the future of interactive and intelligent tracking solutions within the aviation industry. Christoph Zoller from PDi Digital explains: “The digital displays deployed are far from ordinary shelf labels; they embody cutting-edge innovations that communicate with the Quuppa system, enabling seamless integration and functionality.”

The digital displays serve a triple purpose:

  • Provide information on a display screen
  • Offer submeter localisation enabled by Quuppa technology for precise tracking – whether on a package, within a parcel, or attached to airplane parts
  • Facilitate interactivity through programmable push buttons

This means that not only staff can be informed via the screen, but packages or components can automatically report their location, and team members can send information back to the system, making these digital displays a cornerstone of SMART technology within the aviation sector.

Collaborative innovation for strategic technology integration

This integration of technology goes beyond a mere commercial partnership. As PDi’s Christoph Zoller puts it: “We appreciate Simac Io Techn’s deep market knowledge, crucial for sustaining high levels of innovation and for the development of products that precisely meet market needs.” The ongoing implementation of PDI’s digital IoT displays (sepioo®) in various formats marks a significant advancement, promising enhanced indoor and soon also outdoor tracking capabilities. Besides the digital displays, sepioo® also includes a cloud-based SaaS platform, where all the information is processed. This showcases the power of collaborative expertise in pushing the boundaries of digital solutions in the aviation sector, making asset tracking more efficient, interactive and intelligent.

The future of digital synergies in asset tracking and localisation

The future of this pioneering technology and the collaboration in customer projects is poised for remarkable advancements. The roadmap for the digital IoT displays is evolving, with PDi Digital actively integrating GPS and NB-IoT technologies. This innovation will enable the digital displays to travel globally while maintaining connectivity, marking a significant leap in asset tracking capabilities. This partnership between Simac IoTech and PDi Digital, complemented by their collaboration with Quuppa, embodies a natural union aimed at driving deep innovation and responding to the industry's needs that Simac IoTech keenly understands.

The solution at the heart of this collaboration is PDi Digital's sepioo®, a cloud-based SaaS platform paired with digital IoT displays, which Simac IoTech distributes to its customers. This is not merely a test but a full-scale rollout, indicating the project's maturity beyond the pilot phase. Through this collaboration, PDi Digital, while not directly selling to end customers, engages in projects exclusively through partnerships, showcasing a model of cooperation that leverages each partner's strengths to meet customer needs effectively. The strategic approach underscores the commitment to advancing businesses with smart, interconnected technology solutions that are both innovative and responsive to the dynamic demands of the industry.

Are you ready for the asset localization revolution?