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The right IT professional at the right time. With the skills and mentality that match your corporate culture and expectations. IT Staffing by Simac Professional Services at your service, for the long-term, and for any IT or OT profile and function.

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We are Yassine El Mahraoui and Iliass El Yazidi, your IT Staffing specialists. We have been active on the shop floor for many years in various IT infrastructure functions. We understand your needs. How can we help you?

Your challenge

Keeping the beating heart of your IT operations and infrastructure running is our business. We meet all your expertise and capacity needs with experienced people. We speak your language, we know what you need. We match the right IT professional from our extensive network in a few weeks – which saves you extra staffing costs and time. We thus make sure you can cope with your (backlog) work in due time.​

“Purely linking a job to a CV or profile, that’s not what we do. Finding the right candidate is so much more. What is the environment this person will work in? What are the hard and soft skills they should have? What about future prospects, and commuting distance? How about operational tasks versus project-duties? We dive deep into your needs and provide a new addition to your team, an exact match. Our strong technical expertise gives us a clear vision of which candidate is the best fit for your company. It's all about people, expectations and culture."

Yassine El Mahraoui - Hiring Manager

IT Staffing



IT Staffing can provide you with an orchestra of talented helpdesk staff, support engineers, administrators, developers, analyst programmers, technical consultants, project managers and business consultants. Respect, humour, honesty and a drive to be the best is what typifies our people. The result of a thorough intake method with our customer and a rock-solid screening process.


As an IT Staffing specialist, we are widely active and have in-depth knowledge in the following industrie: