A people business

Welcome to Simac Professional Services, a unique unit within Simac ICT Belgium. We build technology solutions and deliver services catered to your capacity or performance-driven IT staffing issues. Our job is to find the right people – with the right hard & soft skills – at the right time, wherever and whenever required.

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What about your IT & OT challenges? Let Simac Professional Services unburden you. We walk the talk.

An IT / OT expertise or capacity problem?

We find and onboard the experts for your jobs. Not only in IT, but also in OT and Industry 4.0. We help you optimise your processes through automation. We do not sell products, but proven industrial solutions and services – perfectly integrated and engineered to your needs. For us, it's all about people, services and quality.

“Our engineers, project managers, service desk staff and IoTech specialists make it happen. We keep the beating heart of your operations running. As connecting and deepening alliance managers, technology savvy and in co-development. With easiness, fun, versatility, seriousness and resilience – that too. Everything is advised, planned, executed and analysed post-factum in order to re-inject lessons learned in our unit and get even better next time round. We walk the talk, we will deliver.”

Bart Vermeersch - Director Simac Professional Services

Simac Professional Services

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