25 March 2024

Asset tracking made easy in industrial manufacturing

Industrial companies often possess a large number of valuable assets including containers, trailers, boxes, equipment, and dollies. And most of the times, they have little data on these non-powered assets: where they are, how they are used, or even how they can be utilized better.

That’s where Simac IoTech comes in, with Sensolus technology.

By connecting these assets to the internet, you gain insights into the precise locations of specific assets, identify process inefficiencies, and achieve complete transparency in interactions with contractors or customers. The data gathered is accessible on our robust analytics platform. Our battery-operated trackers are simple to set up and function globally for five years without any infrastructure needs. This scalability allows for an effortless transition from a modest pilot project to a full-scale implementation.

The difficulty of manually tracking RTPs

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTPs), used for transporting unfinished products between various production locations, are frequently tracked either manually or not tracked at all. This leads to disruptions in production and delays in transportation. Other associated challenges include:

  • Minimal or nonexistent insight into logistics movements
  • Labor-intensive and time-delayed searches affecting work-in-progress timelines
  • Unexpected inventory deficits
  • And the burdens of manual procedures prone to human error

Digitizing the tracking of Returnable Transport Packaging (RTPs) enables businesses to significantly streamline their operations, reduce expenses, and enhance compliance.

Get connected, create business value

Simac IoTech, in collaboration with Sensolus, propels your growth by providing active support in generating direct value and equipping each participant in your ecosystem with the necessary data and actionable insights for their daily tasks. We create a digital twin of your most important assets, including boxes & containers, stillages, pallets, other RTPs.

We help you transform your supply chain

Together with Sensolus, we have a track record of revolutionizing the way that industrial manufacturers operate. Return on investment after deployment:

  • 30% savings in asset management costs
  • 80% reduction in lost assets
  • 90% reduction in wrong pickups
  • 500+ hours saved yearly in manual stock counting

“While being accurate, quick to deploy, and energy-saving, it works great! The logistics data flow has significantly increased, providing more visibility for daily operations.” – a client in aviation


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