11 January 2024

Track your transport fleet for better insight

For many transport and logistics companies, non-powered assets – such as trailers, containers, and reefers – are still a blindspot in the digitized industry. Obtaining dependable data on the location, movement, availability, and condition of these assets is crucial for optimizing inventory usage and minimizing losses.

Nevertheless, adopting a manual approach to collect this data presents its own set of challenges:

  • Little to no visibility on the location of logistics assets
  • Uncertainty of when and how often assets are used
  • No live monitoring of transport conditions
  • Potential theft of logistics assets

Easy to use tracking solution

Simac IoTech uses Sensolus trackers in conjunction with a cloud-based platform, creating a digital ecosystem that provides comprehensive visibility into the usage and availability of your assets. The control is firmly in your hands.

Get connected & create business value

The era of lost trailers, time-consuming searches, and inefficiencies caused by idle, unused assets is over. With Sensolus tracking solutions, monitoring your transport and logistics fleets becomes effortlessly streamlined.

  • Minimize time-consuming asset searches and retrieval costs
  • Optimize asset utilization and maintenance schedules
  • Implement fully automated inventory management with a digital log of asset whereabouts
  • Ensure compliance with delivery and condition requirements

Why choose Simac IoTech & Sensolus?

  • A unified IoT platform featuring dedicated dashboards and reports tailored for tracking trailers, tankers, and containers
  • User-friendly, straightforward installation, easy customization, and seamless integration
  • Optimized low-power technology for efficient indoor and outdoor localization with minimal hassle
  • Certified and customer-focused experts prioritize your needs

Source: Sensolus

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