We provide end-to-end solutions for data centers


Focusing on data centers, our primary aim is to design a functional concept that is “fit for purpose”, taking physical and budgetary constraints into consideration. We take care to perfectly align it with the logical architecture and the physical network the final customer wants to realize. We like to do a thorough job, in dialogue with the different actors. Getting the design validated is a fundamental step towards a physical implementation. We pursue operational flexibility, redundancy and spare capacity, allowing the data center to grow over time, and in a controlled fashion.

Simac has a broad background in data center design, fit-out, audit & operation

Starting from the customers' vision, focused on maximum occupancy & availability of the data center, Simac works out a concept in line with applicable international standards. During this process, we take current and future requirements into consideration. 

Our expertise spans the entire project flow, from concept to realization. Our teams benefit from the acquired knowledge when answering formal tenders. Our endeavor is to understand customer needs, work out balanced proposals and foremost, to keep the end result in mind.

Need an end-to-end solution for your data center?
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Looking for a partner with a broad background in data center design, fit-out, audit and operation? We understand the technical and business implications of a data center fit out project. We are keen to help you succeed!