A hybrid data center eases your transition to the cloud


On-premise data centers have a limited life-span and are very service-demanding. As a result,  it’s no surprise that many organizations are looking to the cloud to improve service. However, such transitions cannot be realized overnight, and a well-planned strategy is key to ensuring success. To ease cloud transition and guide data center owners through this process, Simac ICT Belgium has developed a hybrid solution – “the best of both worlds”.

In a hybrid data center, we combine tailormade on-premise solutions with our Simac cloud services. This intermediate solution allows those customers hesitant to migrate their entire environment to benefit from the physical security of an on-premise data center combined with the convenience of the cloud.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Over the years, managing data center infrastructure has become a burden. As some data center applications are moved to the cloud, a hybrid data center will help to alleviate the strain. As a data center manager, you have the freedom to decide which data to move to and from the cloud, in whichever way you prefer. Should certain applications temporarily exceed the available resources, hyperconverged infrastructure installed by Simac allows for a swift transfer of data to the cloud to defer these spikes in computing demand. This is but one of the many reasons we value our partnership with premium hyperconvergence vendors such as NetApp and HPE.

At Simac, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Our expert consultants will assist you in gaining deeper insights into those cloud capabilities pertaining to areas relevant to your business. Our certified data center operations managers are there to give you peace of mind. With more than 40 years of experience, our excellence is firmly rooted in decades of accumulated expertise – from cable to application.

Moving to the cloud?
Hybrid data center
In a hybrid data center, we combine tailormade on-premise solutions with our Simac cloud services. Contact us to find out how a hybrid data center can help you.