Protecting the performance of key business applications

Do you know how every single one of your applications is behaving for your end users? If an end user complains about slow reaction time, will you be able to quickly and efficiently pinpoint the root cause of the performance issue? With application performance monitoring (APM), you can methodically monitor the availability, quality and performance of key business applications.  

Simac BMS delivers the tools you need to spot, isolate and solve the problems that negatively affect an application’s performance. They detect whether or not the application carries out the commands and provide vital information on transactions, client CPU utilization, memory demands, data throughput and bandwidth consumption.

Application performance monitoring methodology

In order to give a full overview of your applications’ performance, we combine three different methodologies. First, we collect data through synthetic monitoring. To mimic what a typical user would do, we issue emulated transactions from a robot client to your application. Second, we insert probes to monitor and analyze the application’s IP flow. Third, we install monitoring agents on the application’s code layer. Ultimately, the data collected will help you gain insights into performance issues and how to adequately respond to them.

Compared to other network integrators, Simac is one of the few to have established a dedicated unit focusing on business management solutions and monitoring. Allowing Simac professionals to implement an end-to-end monitoring strategy leaves you with more time to focus on your core activities and better serve your clients.

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