Smart operations tools keep up with the pace of change

With the introduction of technologies such as IoT and cloud-hosted services, traditional business monitoring environments can’t keep up with the current pace of change. IT administrators worldwide are beginning to realize today’s way of working no longer meets digital business demands. When your operations team is no longer able to follow the stream of incoming events, the need for smarter operations tools arises.

At Simac, we don’t follow trends. We explore the technology behind the hype and decide where and when to implement only those solutions relevant to your business. With Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps), our ultimate goal is to lower the time spent on each event and increase the proactivity and productivity of your company’s operations team. By adding machine learning algorithms to the traditional rule-based solutions, we use AIOps to tackle the preparatory work and simplify the operator’s job.

End-to-end monitoring solutions and services

AIOps has the power to ignore the noise and correlate multiple events into a simple handful, which brings the alert volume down to a manageable state. This is how we aim to modernize your event management process; giving upcoming events the necessary attention and avoiding outage.  

Having established a partnership with Moogsoft, one of the first vendors within the AIOps category, Simac BMS aspires to lead the way. We offer a complete package of monitoring solutions and services – often invisible, but indispensable for the continuity of your company’s daily operations.

Our partner for AIOps