Demo shows how Blockchain and IoT can make your supply chain more transparent

10 October 2019

Emerging technologies such as blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are on everyone’s mind and promise to be disruptive forces in many industries. And while organizations are already experimenting with IoT, Blockchain currently holds more promise than reality. As the consultancy firm Gartner says, we are all still waiting for the killer app. Wait no longer: Simac ICT Belgium has just released an interactive and customizable demo that shows the power of combining blockchain and IoT in the supply chain.

The demo is featured on Simac’s website and allows anyone with an interest in supply chain to personalize the demo. At the start of the interactive demo, you can set a number of parameters: what kind of package is going on transport (medical or not), under what conditions should it be transported (can it be tilted?), are there temperature limits to be taken into account, … These data form the basis of a smart contract.

In the demo, you can actually see the truck moving from point to point and how IoT sensors are tracking everything that happens on the way to the warehouse and the customer. By introducing anomalies in the process, you can trigger changes to the smart contract. As an example: if you set a temperature limit and this limit is not respected, for instance when the package on transport is handed over from one carrier to another, this will be reported and added to the smart contract in the form of a penalty.

Real-life versions of this demo are currently being tested at a number of Simac customers. The demo is based on our experience with IoT and Blockchain and features actual situations.

As this interactive demo is built in Javascript, it works best in Chrome.

The demo is built in a customizable way and works very intuitively. However, should you run into unexpected errors or find it difficult to manipulate, don’t hesitate to contact for more info. We are more than happy to visit you for a demo that reflects the specific opportunities IoT and Blockchain have on offer for your supply chain.

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IoT and Blockchain for the supply chain