A 360° view on Simac

09 June 2020

2019 was a good year for all Simac companies, that much is clear from the annual report that our holding company Simac Techniek recently published. Even with all the uncertainty that we are facing this year, one thing is sure: Simac is built on solid foundations and remains confident of the future.

In 2019, Simac became stronger as an organization. In several aspects: in what we mean to our customers, in our financial position, in the development of our competencies and in our technological and innovative capacities. Thanks to the solid foundations, the company was able to invest in a lot of innovations and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (IA) and Blockchain. Throughout the Simac organization, there are pockets of innovation and creativity.

The annual report reminds us of the six pillars that the company is built on:

  • Financially solid foundation
  • Diversification of activities
  • Long-term contracts with our customers
  • Employee- and culture are central
  • Room for innovation
  • Responsible interaction with the environment

You will notice that these pillars not only apply to our international holding, but also to Simac ICT Belgium. With our activities in Integration, Cabling & Infrastructure, Business Management Solutions and Professional Services, we offer a broad range of complementary services to long-time customers. Winning contracts of five or even ten years, is not uncommon for Simac, it’s proof of the long-term partnerships that we have built with our customers.

We recommend reading the Simac annual report. It gives you a unique insight into the different companies within Simac Techniek, and it clearly demonstrates our ‘Teamnology’ philosophy. Teamnology is a contraction of ‘team’ and ‘technology’ and stands for our philosophy of solving technological challenges faced by our clients by team playing.

The annual report is available in Dutch and English and can be downloaded here.