How IoT reinvents the way we do business

Johan Diels

IoT has become more accessible than ever. More and more companies recognize the opportunity to generate business with smart connected products, and are getting a jump on their competitors. Billions of connected devices and sensors are interwoven to generate mountains of previously untapped data that can now be processed and stored, thanks to faster and smaller computing and increased storage density.

By applying data analytics and machine learning to this new influx of data, companies have the ability to extend their reach:

  • Internally - enabling them to optimize operational processes, through increasing collaboration, communication and sharing of data, and
  • Externally - allowing them to better understand their customers and personalize their brand message.

Combined with the power of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, this Internet of Things (IoT) enables organizations from all sectors – from manufacturing and retail to finance, to public authorities, utilities and beyond – to better know their business environment by automatically collecting significant data in real time. By becoming truly data-driven, these organizations can enhance their focus, expand their reach and generate more value for their customers, citizens or shareholders.


Pioneering IoT Implementation in Europe

Recently, Simac ICT Belgium was awarded the label ‘IoT Certified Partner’ by Cisco. Simac was the first Belgian company to receive this certification, thereby confirming our innovation and strength in the field of new technologies. This award was the result of years of IoT experience with governments and businesses, both in Belgium and abroad.

For instance, Simac is one of the most important partners in the 'Smart City' project of the Czech capital Prague. Here we implemented the platform Cisco Kinetics for Cities, which collects several data streams in a single place, in order to prevent various data-silos from evolving next to each other.

Simac is also involved in a number of IoT pilot projects in Flanders. At Volvo Cars Gent, we are working in collaboration with the Gent-based start-up Sensolus, devising an IoT applicationthat allows cars to be finished and shipped to dealers faster. Simac ICT Belgium took responsibility for the entire delivery and implementation, including the integration with existing IT systems at Volvo Cars.

During this pilot project, a total of approximately one thousand sensors were used for the tracking of the Volvo V60. But this is only the beginning. By using the data gathered from these sensors and trackers, Volvo can further improve its supply chain with numerous additional IoT applications. These can provide better maintenance, prevent failures, improve inventory practices and offer a transparent view on the supply chain as a whole.

To further supplement our IoT technologies, Simac combines them with ground-breaking blockchain solutions. From tracing goods and optimizing logistics to monitoring temperature and registering a breach of contract, blockchain applications pave the way to automated and simplified business processes.

The success of these projects proves Internet of Things is one of Simac’s most important spearheads. We strongly believe in the growth potential of this technology in the near future. And going forward, we want to further expand our IoT solutions to assist our clients in the development of their businesses.


Do you want to gain the edge over your competition?

There is no doubt. Everything is in place for a massive roll out of IoT, and those who start now or have already started will have a considerable advantage over their competitors in the market.

Simac ICT Belgium already has significant expertise in IoT, whether through our use of smart devices and sensors to make data processes more efficient or by creating new business opportunities by offering innovative services to our customers. IoT is clearly on the rise, and Simac is ready to aid our clients in getting the most out of this emerging technology.