As opposed to the material used for regular networking in office environments, data center networking equipment is more highly-performant, in order to fully support powerful compute and achieve faster storage. Therefore, physical networks are still necessary in data centers, as they lay the foundation for the fast and seamless connectivity many of today’s applications demand.

With such high-performance computing environments comes the need for greater expertise. At Simac, we realize that companies have a lot at stake when dealing with data center networking – as data centers run the applications necessary for computing, managing and storing an organization’s core activities. A sudden decrease in connectivity has far-reaching consequences for applications and users alike. That is why our expert network engineers will help you transform your data center network, without ever losing sight of your needs.  

Stable, secure and reliable data center networks

In close collaboration with our partners Cisco and Aruba Networks/HPE, we continue to provide data center networks that are stable, secure and reliable. As the need for next-gen, geographically dispersed data centers rises and the networking requirements for modern technologies become clear, we pride ourselves on delivering an end-to-end data center solution.

What makes our data center approach unique, is that all four of our business units (Cabling & Infrastructure, Integration, Business Management Solutions and Professional Services) contribute to the quality and effectiveness of the solutions we offer. Simac professionals will guide you through the entire data center life cycle, from the design phase, through the build phase, all the way to the actual running of the data center. With Simac at your back, you know your data center is in good hands!

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