10 July 2023

Simac Invests in the future

Recently, we relocated to our new building in Heverlee.
Over the past two years, our new headquarters has been constructed by dozens of skilled workers. On this first day of the construction holidays, my colleague Jan Bueken and I would like to take you on a virtual tour of our new home.


In recent blogs, I already talked about the well-being of our Simac employees while also emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Our new building reflects this commitment to both our employees and the environment.
As you drive into the parking lot, you'll notice the various natural materials used on the exterior of the building. Together with the bridge, leading to the main entrance, they create an immediate sense of welcome for visitors and employees alike.
However, being a technology company, it is obvious that we focus on the future and integrate the latest technologies and techniques into our building. Fortunately, we can rely on our own expertise, such as Mymesh and Simac IDS.

Mymesh powered by Simac

Mymesh is a unique, fully wireless control system that provides general and biodynamic lighting. The LED lighting adjusts according to the intensity of natural daylight. 
Mymesh also allows for space control of heating, cooling, ventilation systems, as well as the automation of sunshade controls. 
The Mymesh sensors are seamlessly integrated into the ceiling fixtures. Everything is continuously adjustable through software applications. Mymesh improves the performance of buildings, organizations, and their users in the most sustainable manner.

Simac IDS

For access control, we have utilized our own product, Simac IDS (Identification Solutions). This system not only manages access but can also be easily integrated with business processes and their automation. For instance, room bookings for meetings are also facilitated through this system.

Easily Adaptable

We understand that innovation, especially within the ICT industry, moves faster than ever before. Therefore, during the creation of our building, we also considered the easy accessibility of data and electrical cabling, heating and ventilation systems. 
Our floors consist of individual wood tiles with aluminium, which can be easily removed one by one. Below these tiles, there is a hollow space with structured cables and pipes, making adjustments easy, avoiding excessive demolition works.

Interested in joining us?
Feel free to take a look at our vacancies and hopefully, we’ll see you soon,

Patrick Bontinckx
CEO, Simac ICT Belgium

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