29 September 2023

Partnership between Simac, Quuppa and Sensolus enables hybrid indoor & outdoor submeter location tracking

Partnerships are the way to go. Bringing together the best technologies to enhance the quality of indoor and outdoor tracking within high-demand industries – Simac Professional Services (Belgium) integrates the solution in collaboration with Sensolus (Belgium) and Quuppa (Finland), leading technology providers for real-time locating and indoor positioning systems.

Simac Professional Services is a unique unit within Simac ICT, building technology solutions and delivering services catered to customer’s capacity or performance-driven IT staffing issues. The IoTech & Industry 4.0 division is growing rapidly. For outdoor tracking, the team has been collaborating with Sensolus, the European leader in tracking non-powered assets, for quite some time. With their Ground Support Equipment (GSE) tracking solution, airlines, ground handlers and airports can track and monitor the use of GSE to ensure that flights operate without delay. Coupled with the cloud-based platform, the Sensolus tracker provides customers with full visibility of their assets, when they are being used, and when they are available for use. 

Extremely high precision tracking, however, is a different story. And for that, Simac and Sensolus sought and found an equal partner in Quuppa. Up until recently, it was always difficult for customers to have the combination of full visibility of asset locations anywhere, together with very high-precision indoor tracking in specific locations. From now on, customers can achieve exactly the best of both worlds: using a single tracker, the asset location is hyper-accurate while in a zone equipped with Quuppa infrastructure. But when it is placed outside, transported between sites or to suppliers, it remains on the radar.

ECO partnership for indoor submeter localization

Dave Engel, Senior Industry 4.0 & IoT Specialist @ Simac: “Quuppa excels in indoor tracking that offers superior precision compared to Wi-Fi systems. The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is more precise than the regular Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) variant and closely aligns with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology for hyper-accurate indoor positioning. With Quuppa state-of-the-art system combined with Sensolus devices our customers can now benefit from a seamless asset tracking solution and having visibility into their operation in real-time.”

The synergy between Quuppa and Simac, as well as the integration with Sensolus, enables the end customer to manage, plan, and physically validate mobile equipment needed for aircraft servicing with the utmost precision. It's a digital win in the realm of Industry 4.0. An evolving story in which all parties continue to innovate, elevating the end customer's work environment to new heights with hybrid systems.

Sammy Loitto, CEO @ Quuppa: “Simac and Sensolus initiated a first successful project with a thorough assessment in aeronautics industry. We were impressed with their expertise and broad customer base within the Benelux region, and we were delighted to welcome both teams to our partner ecosystem.”

Kristoff Van Rattinghe, CEO @ Sensolus: “The core DNA of Sensolus is solving engineering challenges for our industrial customers, with our proven recipe of validation and reliability – the Sensolus quality label. The partnership with Quuppa is no different, it is complementary to our existing solution, it fits a clear requirement for our customers, and the technology has proven to be the best out there in terms of quality/price. We welcome the Quuppa tech stack and team in our solution, welcome to the Sensolus family!”

Accurate indoor tracking is now a reality. Other industries can also benefit from it. And, in partnership with Simac and Sensolus, Quuppa can further expand its presence in Europe. "Together with the right IoT technology, we provide visibility into logistics, supply chain, and production processes, integrating IoT solutions and focusing on goods, people, processes, and everything in between. We do this with submeter precision both outdoors and indoors, from integration, installation, cabeling, deployment and full support. That is why we have high expectations for this partnership," said Dave Engel.

Meet us and see a live demo at our booth (2.001) at the Transport & Logistics trade show on October 17-18-19, 2023, Antwerp Expo, together with Sensolus. 

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