30 October 2023

Safeguarding the Digital World: Celebrating International Internet Day with Cybersecurity

Yesterday, on Sunday October 29th, the world celebrated one of the most important inventions in human history on International Internet Day. It's a day to acknowledge the revolutionary impact of the internet on our lives and to reflect on the need to protect and secure our systems and data. We would like to take this opportunity to shed light on the significance of cybersecurity in safeguarding our digital world.

The Need for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a necessity in today's interconnected world. It encompasses a range of practices and measures designed to protect digital systems, networks, and data from cyber threats. These threats can take the form of malware, phishing attacks, data breaches, and more. Without adequate cybersecurity, businesses and governments are at risk. After all, data forms the backbone of every business, and the loss of sensitive information can result in severe financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences.

Multi-layer security concept

Simac, as a unique partner in the Belgian IT landscape, provides an end-to-end solution with a multi-layer security concept to address today's most complex security challenges. This concept encompasses all aspects of security, aligning them within various internal and external subdivisions or partners, including networking, security, storage, backup, and the cloud. By doing so, we create a platform capable of defending against, detecting, reporting, and remediating ransomware and other cyber threats across all layers of your IT infrastructure.

Our blueprint takes into account the evolving nature of work, where not only users but also bots and devices (IoT) interact with IT infrastructure. It's a world where decentralised work is on the rise, infrastructure is built in a hybrid or dynamic and fragmented manner, and data centres are no longer the sole bastions of security.

Resistant by design

Simac strongly believes in a concept built upon the following pillars to create a platform that is ransomware-resistant by design:

Plan: This phase is possibly one of the most critical moments in the entire process. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the entire infrastructure. Often, small adjustments can significantly enhance resistance to external threats. 
Prevent: During this phase, planned infrastructure and process changes are implemented. Initiatives are launched to raise awareness within the organisation, and detection mechanisms are put in place, all with a focus on reducing the attack surface of both people and infrastructure.

Detect: Detection is the first step in the operational aspect of the blueprint. Emphasis is placed on identifying anomalies occurring across all layers of the IT infrastructure. This includes detecting network breaches, as well as unusual data flows to and from storage and backup infrastructure. Furthermore, authorities often require the ability to demonstrate what has occurred and the impact on sensitive data, such as personal information.

React: Adequate response is a crucial step in the process to minimize damage from a potential attack, prevent data loss, and limit downtime. This reaction phase should be planned from the outset, ensuring that necessary procedures and tools are in place and coordinated.

Recover: The goal of this step is to reliably bring services back online without data loss. With thorough planning, prevention, detection, and a prompt, preferably automated response, this final phase should be seldom required. Recovering from an attack extends across all domains and involves more than just data restoration. It includes identifying the origin, mapping impacted components, data, services, customers, or users.

Thanks to Simac's security services, you not only have effective, tailored security for your business today but also insights into where your future focus areas or weaknesses may lie. 

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