Volvo Dealers Cruise to High Availability with Simac and Veeam

Veeam was the only solution we trusted to recover our data within four hours. Now dealers have peace of mind knowing their backups are offsite and readily available for fast reintroduction to our system. They’ve greatly minimized their risk for data loss because they have confidence that Simac and Veeam will get them up and running quickly.” 

- Marc Scheir, IT Project Manager Volvo Car BeLux


Backing up physical servers to tape became cost-prohibitive for Volvo dealers in Belgium because their data were constantly growing, and purchasing additional tape drives was expensive. In addition to scalability, dealers worried about expensive hardware refreshes, the risk of human error and slow application recovery. The process could take from a few hours or up to one day, thereby jeopardizing their ability to access the lifeblood of their business: the dealer management system.


By using Veeam Backup & Replication, Simac ICT Belgium took on the full responsibility for Volvo dealers’ IT to back up each dealer’s on-premise VMs on site to Synology NAS. Backup copies are sent to NetApp FAS in Simac’s private cloud. Now, if disaster strikes any dealership, Simac can quickly restore all VMs directly from backups in the cloud.


  • Reliable, worry-free offsite backup

Previously, when Volvo dealers backed up their physical servers to tape, they worried about a lengthy application recovery preventing them from accessing their dealer management system. Simac has assumed responsibility of backup and recovery for dealers, using Veeam Backup & Replication to clone each dealer’s on-premise VMs on site. Backup copies are sent to Simac’s private cloud.

  • Scalable, future-proof data recovery

Veeam Backup & Replication provides enterprise scalability for businesses of every size. No matter how large each dealer’s dataset grows, Veeam and Simac have the ability to back up and recover whole VMs, operating system files and individual items quickly.

  • High availability of dealer management system

Volvo dealers trust Veeam and Simac to deliver high availability of the key applications that enable them to focus on their top priorities, selling cars and taking care of customers.


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