Simac Improves Customer Satisfaction and Operations with SimpliVity

SimpliVity solves our application performance and system administration challenges. The product helps us improve customer satisfaction while eliminating operations expense and complexity.”  

- Steven De Prins, Cross Domain Architect, Simac


Simac’s legacy data center—a mix of HP servers and NetApp storage systems—had become too costly and complex to manage and scale. Provisioning customers and troubleshooting problems was a time consuming, resource-intensive proposition involving many distinct, low-level administrative interfaces. Simac planned to move its IT operations to a co-location facility to support its growing business. Deciding the time was right for a technology reboot, Steven De Prins, Cross Domain Architect for Simac, selected SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure as the platform for the company’s next-generation IT architecture.


Simac deployed two 2U SimpliVity nodes in its new co-location facility, replacing nearly an entire rack of legacy equipment. As a result, a redundant configuration ensures continuous availability in the event of hardware failures. A third SimpliVity node in the corporate data center supports development, test and disaster recovery functions.


  • Simplified operations and agile services

The SimpliVity solution simplifies operations and improves service agility. IT generalists in the Remote Monitoring business can provision customers quickly and easily, without involving corporate IT. Service administrators can now clone, move, backup and restore VMs in two or three clicks.

  • Improved application performance and availability

The platform performs hardware-assisted inline deduplication, compression and optimization on all its data, while conserving storage capacity and freeing up system resources for business-critical applications.

  • Efficient data storage

Resource-intensive operations like database queries are two to three times faster with SimpliVity, and the data efficiencies are a major improvement for Simac. They can even store over 50 TB of logical data using only 1.2 TB of disk. And the client can backup and recover massive VMs in seconds without impacting application performance.


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