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Many organizations are currently promoting homework. No problem for companies that already have policies around homework and already provide the technology to do so to their employees. Unfortunately, not every company is in that position. Setting up a complex solution in a hurry is not ideal, so maybe you too are looking for a quick and easy way of allowing your people to work from home safely.

To Simac ICT Belgium, work should not be a place where you go to. Instead, it’s become a time and place-independent event. This new way of working calls for a user-friendly set of communication and collaboration tools. Over the years, Simac has built partnerships with different vendors offering solutions for remote work. One of these partners is Awingu, a Belgian company that shares our philosophy: the workspace is digital, not physical.

Up and running in one or two days

Awingu makes applications, desktops and files available remotely via any browser. It enables users to securely login via a browser from anywhere, and from whatever device. In current times, this is the best solution available if you want people to work from home without providing them with laptops, a VPN or other secure connections …. With Awingu, employees who have no business laptop can use their home computer to log in remotely and securely and continue performing their tasks, while remaining in close virtual contact with their colleagues and customers. Just how cool is that?

And the best news: this solution can be set up fairly rapidly. Awingu guarantees customers can be up and running in a matter of one or two days. No need to install anything on the home PC of your employees, a browser is all they need.

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Whatever question you have about remote work, we will help you as much as we can.

In the meantime: stay healthy!

Johan Diels
Johan Diels

Johan Diels heeft meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in de ICT-sector. Hij startte als business consultant en evolueerde naar de positie van sales manager. Bij Simac ICT België is hij Director van de Integration afdeling.

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