Cisco Umbrella: An extra umbrella against cyber criminals.

"Don't make it too easy for them!" This warning from the government and bodies concerned with safety can regularly be heard on TV and radio. But while locks are being installed on windows and doors, digital gates often remain wide open to cyber criminals. A firewall and antivirus programs help, but DNS security provides another line of defense.


What is DNS? The term stands for Domain Name System. It's a kind of phone book for the internet, invented back in 1983. It ensures that you don't have to type in a complicated IP address to go to a web page, but just enter a domain name. Compare it to the contact list on your mobile phone, which also ensures that you don't have to memorize all the numbers.


DNS security means that the software checks whether a connection to the correct site will be established after entering the domain name. There are hackers who are able to automatically redirect your domain name to a perfectly replicated version of your website. Imagine that users enter their login details there, then it is no longer difficult for a malicious person to access your network via the real website. In a hospital, for example, this can have major consequences. What if medical equipment connected to the internet is shut down? Or patient data is stolen ‘en masse’?


The stricter privacy legislation requires good security of digitally stored personal data. You must be able to demonstrate that you have made every reasonable effort to bring security up to the correct level. This also applies to securing your DNS record. Otherwise, the personal data authority may impose a huge fine.

One application offering good DNS security is Cisco Umbrella. Besides keeping almost all malware out, it prevents computers, laptops, and smartphones from getting infected. In addition to your firewall and virus protection, it functions as a first line of defense within your company. Armed with a huge blacklist of suspicious sites, Cisco Umbrella assesses whether a website is reliable or not, based on an IP address. A website of a Belgian bank hosted in Zambia, for example, is not.


To keep Cisco Umbrella up to date, there is a large team of experts within Cisco that complements the blacklist and quickly identifies new threats. With more than 80 million users worldwide, they have vast amounts of data at their disposal, exposing suspicious patterns at an early stage.

Cisco Umbrella runs in the cloud, which has the advantage that users do not need to install the application and have immediate access to the latest updates.

Setting up this extra umbrella that prevents cybercriminals from putting you in trouble is not complicated. Simac ICT Belgium can ensure that Cisco Umbrella is up and running within an hour. It will often be part of a more extensive security strategy, tailored to your organization. Because you don't have to make it too easy for them!

Johan Diels
Johan Diels

Johan Diels has over 20 years experience in the ICT industry. He started out as a business consultant and grew into the position of sales manager. At Simac ICT Belgium, he is Director of the Integration division.

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