Project manager Cabling & Infrastructure Kortenberg, Belgium

Ter ondersteuning van ons cabling & infrastructure team, zijn we dringend op zoek naar een ervaren project manager


As project manager C&I, your role is to estimate, plan, execute, invoice and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring materials, resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order to deliver projects according to plan.



Technical skills

Proven experience in structured cabling systems - copper and optical fiber - in data centers environments.

  • Very strong knowledge of structured cabling related to data centers
    • Copper Cat.6A / Cat.7 / Cat. 8
    • Optical fiber OM4 / OM5 / OS2 with LC & MPO connectivity
  • Cabling products knowledge with a very strong installation expertise (estimation of installation time)
  • Understanding of technical specification related to structured cabling, as well as to facilities requirements
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to understand design document and to translate them into execution documents
  • Ability to take execution document through a complete implementation (including as-built document, certification, etc.)
  • Experience in electricity is a plus 


Financials skills

Expertise with project related cost structure and budget control.


  • Able to build a financial proposal (products & installation) - data center and building projects
  • Accurate financial follow-up during project execution
  • Financial optimization and upselling
  • Financial invoicing planning and document 


Project Management skills


Provides Project Management oversight of service/installation management of Structured cabling systems and other various related systems.


  • Strong organization skills
  • Solid problem solving skills
  • Planning and priority management skills
  • Daily management of teams in the field
  • Reporting skills (verbal & written) 


Communication skills


Professionalism approach others in a tactful manner, react well under pressure, treat others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position, accept responsibility for own actions, follow through on commitments.


  • Attitude and presence towards our customers
  • Able to understand and to translate daily requirements into concrete realization
  • Able to provide and to write project working hypotheses associated to a project financial proposal
  • Able of managing several projects simultaneously
  • Able to lead a pool of technicians, to provide technical explanation to the technicians (installation process, testing procedure, etc.)
  • Stress resistant
  • Priority management
  • Reporting capacity to the C&I department Director & Technical Manager


IT tools skills


Proficient use of a computer and all software tools related to the function.

  •  Microsoft Office
      • Outlook > Basic: limited to basic daily use skills (no configuration)
      • Word > Basic: able to create a memo based on a template with the adequate in-house style (formatting, inserting text, table, illustration, checking spelling and grammar, etc.)
      • Excel > Intermediate+: switching between workbooks, using function to format text, merging and splitting cells, sorting and filtering options, using formulas, using formula auditing, using conditional formatting, etc. + using semi-complex function (IF, SUMIF, ROUND, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, etc), using goal seek, etc. No VBA.
      • Power Point > Basic: able to create a short internal power point presentation based on a template with the adequate in-house style (adequate formatting, inserting text, table, illustration, checking spelling and grammar, etc.)
      • Visio > Basic: able to create basic business diagram (cabling network single-line diagram), to use cabling manufacturers visio shape, etc.
      • Project > Basic: able to open and to understand an existing Gant chart, to extract all planning relevant information, etc.
      • Access > no requirement
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT
    • Only 2D (no 3D)
    • Basic: able to open a DWG document, understanding of scale, able to measure distance, able to draw cabling routing path, able to measure cabling routing length, able to insert basic objects (TO, AP, Cabinets, etc.), able adding text to object (TO numbering, etc.)
  • Fluke Fluke LinkWare
    • Fluke LinkWare PC Cable Test Management Software: able to download test result from Fluke Versiv test equipment, able to manage and consolidate all test results, able to interpret the results, able to prepare and to print reports, etc.
    • Fluke LinkWare Live Test Results Management Services: not mandatory, but is certainly an added value 


Test equipment skills


Proficient use of structured cabling certification testing equipment (Fluke).


  • Fluke DSX Cable Analyze
    • Expertise with Copper testing and certification
    • Configuration and parameterization of the testing equipment (cabling standard references, NVP, etc.)
    • Ability to evaluate the test results
    • Troubleshooting skills (Fails, as well as Pass*)
    • Ability to train the field technicians about the daily use of the equipment
  • Fluke Certifiber Pro Quad OLTS
    • Expertise with Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS), testing and certification - multimode, as well as single mode
    • Configuration and parameterization of the testing equipment (cabling standard, etc.)
    • Ability to evaluate the test results
    • Troubleshooting skills (Fails, as well as Pass*)
    • Ability to train the field technicians about the daily use of the equipment (reference method, etc.) 


Language skills


Ideally trilingual (English / Dutch / French), of which one of the languages should be his or her native language.


Various skills


  • Car driver license mandatory (Belgian category B)
  • Having individual VCA certificate is a plus
  • Having cabling manufacturer certification is a plus



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