Simac ICT Belgium lands four-year cabling contract from rail administrator Infrabel

Earlier this year, Infrabel, manager of the Belgian railway infrastructure, concluded a framework agreement with the Cabling & Infrastructure Division of Simac ICT Belgium. Over the next four years, Simac will lay structured cabling in the existing datacenters at Brussels, Muizen and Monceau. Besides supplying and laying the cables, the company is also responsible for testing and certification. In this way, Infrabel acquires an end-to-end, integrated solution, covered by a 25-year system warranty. The contract value amounts to 1 million euros in total.

"A malfunction in the datacenter means the trains don't run", says Alain Janssens, Datacenter Manager at Infrabel. "Infrabel is bound to the upkeep and innovation of the rail infrastructure. In addition, the railway infrastructure manager ensures train safety through effective rail traffic control, centrally directed via its signal boxes. All these activities are supported by our three datacenters, which are designated critical national infrastructure. That's why it's hugely important that the datacenter cabling is in perfect order." This answers why Infrabel sought a total solution to the performance problems they were experiencing intermittently in their datacenters. A major prerequisite to that respect, was 'continuity of operations': there is just one cable installer in charge and a single manufacturer. Concluding this frame agreement yields Infrabel significant time savings when executing its projects.

The allocation of the contract for these cabling works, was based on an open tender. Infrabel first launched a market survey to gauge the interest and capacity of specialized companies. Candidates were screened on the basis of objective criteria. After a thorough technical and financial evaluation, Simac C&I won the contract for the complete copper and fiber cabling of the datacenters. In consultation with Infrabel, Simac will install the structured cabling on existing cable trays and rack infrastructure.

The structured cabling that Simac installs, meets the European quality standards on fire protection. The CPR Euro Class applied, exceeds the protection level currently prescribed by the legislator. The offered cable performance was evaluated positively. Infrabel considered the price of the products tendered as well as the installation cost. Based on their well-documented tender dossier, Infrabel considered Simac to be the right partner. The value for money of the total package was a decisive factor in choosing Simac.

Infrabel has previously worked with Simac. The satisfaction with this prior collaboration is – by means of the present frame agreement – reaffirmed by Infrabel. "We are confident that Simac C&I can prepare, install, test and certify the structured cabling of our datacenters in Brussels, Monceau and Muizen (AlphaCloud). Several orders have been placed already, within the scope of the contract and the cooperation can be described as ideal. Simac carries out everything on time, as prescribed in the specifications," Janssens added.

Andy Vanbrabant, Director of Simac's Cabling & Infrastructure Division, is happy too: "This cooperation with Infrabel is a heart-warming confirmation of our approach and expertise," he said. "Besides the much-needed continuity of operations, such contracts allow us to potentially offer a wider suite of services to datacenters. The current agreement is an opportunity once more, to collaborate with cable manufacturer Nexans and distributor Cebeo."

Simac Newsletter October 2018

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Tiense Suikerraffinaderij gears up for new sugar beet season with Simac and Cisco

Just before the summer, IT integrator Simac finished upgrading the network at three Tiense Suikerraffinaderij sites in Belgium. Thanks to the new IT network, the sugar refinery can now start the new sugar beet season worry-free. The recent project was not Simac's first time working for Tiense Suikerraffinaderij. In fact, Simac has been supplying, installing and maintaining networks and cabling there for more than a decade.

Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, which is part of the German Südzucker group, has ten sites and 600 employees in Belgium. The company has become a household name in Belgium over the past 180 years and its products are used to sweeten hot drinks and make desserts or preserves.

During the recent network project, Simac ICT Belgium’s Integration business unit implemented 30 Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switches and new racks at the sites in Tienen, Brussels and Longchamps. A similar project was delivered for the Biowanze division in 2017.

"Network availability is very important for us at Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, especially during the sugar beet season. If the network were to fail during that busy time of year, there would be numerous trucks queuing at the entrances of our sugar factories," says Roland Met, IT Infrastructure Manager for the various entities of Tiense Suikerraffinaderij in Belgium. "The need for availability means we put a strong focus on network redundancy, while network performance is very important to our employees too."

Tiense Suikerraffinaderij regularly replaces its network equipment, especially when certain models are no longer supported by Cisco. The acquisition of new equipment is always handled through a Request for Proposal (RFP), and Simac ICT Belgium often emerges as the winner of such tenders. "We are always very impressed by the completeness of Simac's offer. The Simac sales department always proposes several different alternatives for us to choose from, and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each one in depth. We also like Simac's project approach," continues Roland Met.

Support-related service level agreements (SLAs) guarantee 24-hour availability of the network. "Should a problem occur at any of our production sites, Simac needs to be on site within four hours." The timing of the installation of the new switches was also quite important, according to Roland Met: "September marks the start of the new sugar beet season, and we always take care to finish large implementations before the summer. There's no room for structural changes between September and January."

"We have been working for different entities of Tiense Suikerraffinaderij for several years," says Johan Diels, Director of Simac ICT Belgium's Integration business unit. "Thanks to our good service delivery and effective project approach, we can support Tiense Suikerraffinaderij in the long term." Integration is not the only Simac business unit that works for the sugar refinery. The IT services company's Cabling & Infrastructure business unit is also a long-term partner of Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, delivering both active and passive network components.

Nine questions to ask when hiring a pentester

Every company holds valuable information, even if they don’t believe so themselves. Just think of salary information, customer emails, R&D information, customer credit card details, patient information,… Even if the data, in itself, is not valuable, leaking it may cause a company reputational damage. Pentesting – short for penetration testing – can help an organization find out how well protected – or how vulnerable – its information and IT infrastructure are.

Let’s not kid ourselves: the number of cyberattacks will only increase, and these attacks get more sophisticated all the time. A hacker has all the time in the world and has no budget restrictions: if someone is out to get through your protection, they can keep gathering information on your company and try a thousand times to hack inside your systems. A pentester does exactly the same. This "ethical hacker" seeks information on your infrastructure and security equipment, explores vulnerabilities and investigates how he can exploit these weak points.

Unfortunately, not all pentesters are created equally and it may be hard to choose the right company to work with. These questions will help you find the best pentester.

Are you certified?

Hackers are getting smarter all the time, and so should pentesters. A number of certifications exist, such as GPEN from SANS, that guarantee pentesters have the right knowledge and attitude. To keep this certification, they are kept up to speed with the necessary training. NATO-clearance is proof of good background checks. NATO-clearance goes way beyond picking up proof of good behavior and morals at the city administration.

What report do you deliver?

Don't settle for a mere print of the testing results from an analytical tool. A good pentester will deliver a manual report, that takes the context into consideration and comes with a number of recommendations. Anyone can deliver automated test results, it is much harder to analyze and interpret results. That's what a good pentester will do.

Do you have field experience?

While we have the greatest respect for professionals who pentest day in and day out, it may be best to hire a pentester who also has field experience as an engineer and as an integrator. A security specialist, who is also involved in implementing security equipment, knows from experience what can go wrong in the installation. Having this background will help the pentester get results more efficiently.

What is your methodology?

A number of approaches are possible when performing a pentest. People often refer to black box testing (where the tester starts out with no system knowledge at all), white box testing (where the pentester is given a load of information at the start of the process) and grey box testing (where the pentester is given limited information). While all three approaches are valid, it is quite important to ask a pentester what process is followed, what different steps are taken and what tools are used in what part of the process. At Simac, we recommend an approach that blends the three traditional types of pentesting.

Do you go beyond an audit?

Security audits typically rely on interviews and inventories of the security systems installed. Pentesting goes much further than that and actually takes the systems to the test, often finding problems that go undetected in an audit.

Do you use tools?

Tools play a key role in a pentest. High-quality tools can be used to ensure that both testing parameters and results are high-quality and trustworthy. In the hands of a properly trained penetration tester, these tools will provide a quality-assured testing set that can be used to accurately assess an IT infrastructure by penetrating existing vulnerabilities. Tools are not an end in themselves: it will always take a human expert to review and interpret the results.

Will you damage my system?

A hacker may be out to do harm to your systems, blocking your normal operations. When an ethical hacker tries to find vulnerabilities, the same may happen. Fortunately, a pentesters will let you take the necessary backups first, so systems can be restored instantly.

Do you think architecture?

Information security is a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces need to fit neatly to guarantee optimal security. A pentester must look beyond just the security infrastructure and also needs knowledge about networking, operating systems,… Only someone who takes a helicopter view and sees the bigger picture, can evaluate all parts of the infosecurity landscape. An architectural view is a necessity for a pentester.

When will we meet again?

A pentest delivers a snapshot of your current information security status. If something changes, for instance by implementing a new application, new vulnerabilities may arise. That’s why we recommend doing a pentest at least once a year, but preferably every time a major new application goes into production.

Any type of company is vulnerable, big or small, commercial or non-profit. So any organization will benefit from a pentest. Companies may think they are well equipped with firewalls, anti-virus,… but maximum security is hard to obtain. Pentesting can help you assess just how safe you are.

Simac ICT Belgium has several experienced pentesters who can help companies increase their level of protection. Just ask us the questions you need to ask. We have the answers.

GDPR is more than just a deadline

Today, a couple of months on from the GDPR start date of May 25th 2018, most organizations have completed the first steps in the compliance process. Many of them are now taking things to the next level by embedding the necessary security measures within their business processes. GDPR has always been more than just a deadline; adhering to it is an ongoing process. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) can play a key role in setting out and pursuing the GDPR strategy in any organization – including yours.

Even if the GDPR does not require your organization to actually employ a DPO, it can still be interesting to bring in an officially certified DPO as an external consultant. Even if you think you are completely covered, it can do no harm to let an objective expert double-check that everything is in order. And since you don’t need to add external consultants to the payroll, you have much more flexibility while still benefitting from their expertise. External consultants do not have the same job protection or full-time schedule as employees.

One of the most important tasks of the DPO is to establish what type of personal data is currently stored and maintained, and how it is protected. Secondly, a DPO will design processes and lay down procedures that need to be followed when customers or official agencies enquire about your GDPR practices.

Simac offers a DPO-as-a-Service that allows for flexibility in the number of days and length of time a DPO works at your company or organization. You might decide on one or two days every week, but you can also hire a DPO full-time for a couple of weeks to put all the procedures in place. The DPO can then come back to conduct regular checks afterwards, to keep your GDPR investment on track.

Many DPOs have either a legal or an organizational background. Simacs DPOs have a strong IT background supplemented by combined legal and organizational expertise. This enables them to take a broader and truly pragmatic view of GDPR, advise on your security architecture and make tailored recommendations on how to resolve your potential shortcomings. Thanks to their excellent communicational, organizational and technical skill sets, our DPOs take your GDPR and security strategy to a higher level.

Interested in our security services and our specific DPO-offering? Please contact

Simac Newsletter June 2018

Simac ICT Belgium recently sent out its first customer newsletter. In the newsletter, you will find customer stories (Elia, Provincie Vlaams Brabant), opinion pieces by Simac directors (Johan Diels on how Smart Cities cannot be Siloed Cities, Bart Vermeersch on the qualities of professional services consultants, and general news about Simac ICT Belgium.

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Simac and Wavetel enter into exclusive negotiations to create a European leader in the field of digital performance and security visibility

The Dutch technology company Simac enters in exclusive negotiation to take a majority share in Wavetel The aim is to build a new European entity that is among the top companies in Western Europe and the northwestern part of Africa in terms of testing, measuring and monitoring, telecommunications, optical networks and cybersecurity.

The French Wavetel was founded fifteen years ago and currently operates from three locations: Paris (75), Rennes (35) and Lorient (56). The company specializes in solutions for test and measurement in telecommunications and IT networks. The activities of Wavetel are integrated with Simac BMS (Business Management Solutions), a separate business unit that operates under the flag of Simac ICT Belgium. Simac BMS has proven itself since 1999 to be a renowned expert in monitoring managed services for application and IT performance. Their extensive customer base is located throughout Europe.

It is the intention of both parties to finalize the negotiations early September.

Joël Thys, Director of Simac BMS, initiated the collaboration between Wavetel and Simac. He comments: "Expanding into the French market is both necessary and natural to us. Our unique expertise in monitoring managed services for application and IT performance is in high demand from both our customers and our international partners. Wavetel has an important track record, and the performance and professionalism of their team will allow us to make a running start. This is an investment in the future and a project that constitutes an important step in our European and international development."

"For Wavetel, this is a crucial step that will allow us to assist our enterprise customers in all areas in which they operate," says Hubert Chartin, General Manager of Wavetel. "Simac is a family business that shares its DNA and origin in scientific instrumentation with Wavetel. Our synergies, our expertise, our portfolio in IT and telecoms and the complementarity of our geographic coverage will allow us to develop a unique offering for the EMEA region. Our teams have already been working together for three years and we believe the integration of our competencies will accelerate our development across the EMEA market. We will be operational immediately, with a differentiating and relevant offering."

It is to be noted that the parties are still negotiating common terms and conditions and have not reached an agreement yet. This remains the case until further notice.

Keeping the customer satisfied

Everyone who has ever worked with Simac knows that customer-centricity is one of the defining traits of our company. Caring for our clients and finding solutions for their challenges is part of the Simac DNA, regardless of department or function. This is certainly the case for our representatives manning the Service Desk. By introducing a new tool to help support workers, the Service Desk looks forward to achieving even higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Recently, the Service Desk started using the cc4Skype tool from the Dutch contact center specialist of the same name. Based on the collaboration tool Skype for Business, cc4Skype helps contact center employees prioritize calls and minimize waiting time for customers. "The dashboard in cc4Skype allows us to get a good overview of what is happening in our call center", says Henk Schuermans, Service Desk Manager for Deskside Operations. "What's more, everything is logged, so we can report the number of incoming calls, average waiting time, average call duration, number of lost calls, etc. This information is essential as we continue working on our Service Improvement."

One of the best functionality tools is the overview of incoming queues. “By keeping an eye on the incoming queues, call agents can anticipate how long a call can last without getting into trouble with SLAs such as First Level Rate”, says Schuermans.

Customer satisfaction is measured by sending out a survey after every five calls with questions such as 'was the engineer competent?', or 'was your problem solved in a timely manner?' Customer satisfaction currently stands at about 93-94%, which is well above the industry average, though Schuermans wants the percentage to keep rising. These rates are important to Simac customers as well, many of whom require customer satisfaction to be 3 percent higher than the industry average. States Schuermans, "thanks to our new tools, we can now resolve 80% of our tickets within the first call. That is clearly a benefit to the customer. Shortening the Mean Time to Resolve increases Customer Satisfaction."

Schuermans closely monitors the competencies of his staff, by providing training for both technical and soft skills, letting people work towards certifications, such as CCNA. Upskilling call center personnel turns the Simac Service Desk into a breeding ground for the rest of the Simac organization. Recent years have seen several people move from the Service Desk to join the ranks of the Integration Business Unit. In this regard, the Service Desk plays a valuable role in keeping both external and internal customers satisfied.

Simac ICT Belgium wins five year storage contract from Elia

Elia, operator of the high-voltage electricity transmission system in Belgium, has awarded a large data storage contract to Simac ICT Belgium. Over the next five years, Simac will provide Elia with storage from NetApp. In addition, the company is also responsible for the installation, training and maintenance of hardware and software. The total value of these agreements amounts to two million euro. Furthermore, the contract stipulates a potential continuation of another five years.

“Without data or reliable storage, there is no power.” It’s that simple to Bert Van De Merckt, representative for data storage at Elia. “We operate a high-voltage transmission system of more than 8,000 kilometers in Belgium and continuously monitor what happens on the network. Properly saving, maintaining and protecting this data is highly important to us.” Some of the major requirements for selecting a vendor were immediate availability and redundancy, next to a smooth integration of storage with the back-up system. Of equal importance was the ease of integration with the virtualized server park.

A total of seven IT service providers competed for the contract, but the final vote went to the combination of NetApp storage with Commvault back-up systems proposed by Simac. Altogether, five NetApp systems will be used, offering a total capacity of three PB. These will not only be deployed for Elia’s core business – which consists of operating the high-voltage network – but also for all other applications within Elia, such as email, database, files, etc.

Mr. Van De Merckt highlights the smooth integration between NetApp and the Commvault back-up systems as the major reason for selecting NetApp (NetApp 8200 and 300). Also in Simac’s favor was its sound project management approach and the fact that it immediately informed Elia as to which experienced NetApp specialists would work on the project. Installation of the new storage systems is planned before the summer, after which extensive testing will take place in order to finally migrate the data in the fall. By the end of 2018, the new NetApp devices are expected to be in full use.

This new contract allows Simac to extend its cooperation with Elia. Not only was Simac responsible for installing and maintaining the previous storage environment, but its Cabling & Infrastructure business unit also made a significant contribution. “In the past, we have already come to appreciate Simac’s strong technical team”, says Van De Merckt, who is also highly satisfied with the IT service provider’s solution-oriented approach and speed of execution. “For us, the renewed cooperation with Elia is a recognition of the effort and good work we have delivered in the past,” comments Johan Diels, Director of Simac. “At the same time, this new contract is proof of our experience in implementing storage systems. Our reputation in that area is confirmed in the market every single day”.

Join us at the Fortinet/Simac seminar

At the end of last year 500 new cyberthreats were discovered, every minute. Threats to our information security are becoming more frequent, stronger and more complex. Fending off these attacks and mitigating risk have become top priorities for any organization, even more so with GDPR becoming effective in just a couple of weeks.

Simac and Fortinet have the pleasure to invite you to a seminar dedicated to cybersecurity in general and the new enhanced version of Fortinet’s operating system, FortiOS 6. This major version update delivers hundreds of new features and capabilities that were designed to provide the broad visibility, integrated threat intelligence, and automated response required for digital business.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday June 26th, at the premises of Fortinet distributor Exclusive Networks in Duffel.

On the agenda:

  • 13.30: welcome & registration
  • 14.00: opening by Frederic Janssen, Channel Manager Belux at Fortinet
  • 14.15: Simac Security Strategy by Werner Meeus, Business Security Architect at Simac
  • 14.45: FortiOS 6.0: Driving Security Transformation to Integrate Across All Areas of Digital Technology by Fortinet Security Engineer Jeroen Bismans at Fortinet.
  • 16.30: Q&A
  • 17.00: reception and opportunity for demo’s

Upgrading to FortiOS 6.0 will help your business engage in its digital transformation journey, faster and more secure. Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to date on the newest features in this major release.

For more info & registration: contact Upon registration we will send you all practical details of the event.

Simac announces end-to-end partnership with HPE

Simac ICT Belgium extends its relationship with HPE. Beside the server and Simplivity hyperconvergence solutions which Simac ICT Belgium has been offering for quite some time, the all- round integrator now also adds HPE’s networking and storage solutions.

Simac ICT Belgium has been an HPE partner for a long time, focusing mainly on the server business. Simac also is the market leader in Simplivity hyperconvergence in Belgium, which has been acquired by HPE, hence automatically broadening Simac’s scope within the HPE offering. Simac now announces to go end-to-end with HPE by investing in the wireless and fixed networking portfolio of HPE, one of the fastest growing businesses of the enterprise company, and to expand the storage offering by adding the complete HPE storage portfolio.

“IT departments are under great pressure to deliver value to the business, and Simac ICT Belgium wants to make their lives easier by taking away some of the complexity. By broadening our scope, we position ourselves as one-stop-shop when it comes to enterprise infrastructure,” says Johan Diels, director Simac ICT Belgium.

Raf Peeters, Country Director HPE Belux comments: “HPE relies heavily on partners to deliver its solutions to the market. I firmly believe Simac can make a difference in the Belgian market with its proven track record in terms of technical ability, flexibility and strong local market presence.”

Vlaams Brabant kent raamcontract server- en storage infrastructuur toe aan Simac ICT Belgium

Kortenberg, 22 februari 2018 -- Het Provinciebestuur Vlaams-Brabant kent zijn raamcontract voor geconsolideerde server- en storage infrastructuur toe aan Simac ICT Belgium. Het raamcontract heeft een looptijd van vier jaar en laat toe dat ook andere provinciale en lokale overheden gebruik maken van dezelfde aankoopvoorwaarden. In een eerste fase werd binnen het raamcontract al voor een half miljoen euro aan materiaal en diensten geleverd aan de Provincie Vlaams-Brabant.

Een provinciebestuur is een informatie-intensieve omgeving en vergt een server- en storage infrastructuur die robuust en veilig is. Meer dan 1.000 medewerkers maken gebruik van meer dan 200 toepassingen, en veel van deze toepassingen worden ook gebruikt door burgers, verenigingen en bedrijven. Dat zorgt er voor dat ook constante beschikbaarheid een vereiste is. Na een grondig marktonderzoek kwam de Provincie Vlaams-Brabant tot de conclusie dat hyperconverged infrastructuur de juiste oplossing was. “Hyperconverged zorgt voor vereenvoudigd beheer, een hoge densiteit, dus ook minder koeling, minder rackspace, minder energieverbruik, verminderde complexiteit, hoge flexibiliteit en makkelijke uitbreidbaarheid,” zegt Luc Jaspers, diensthoofd informatica bij de Provincie Vlaams-Brabant. Dankzij de hyperconverged infrastructuur kunnen alle data ook in het eigen datacenter gehouden worden, terwijl toch de voordelen van een (private) cloud infrastructuur gelden. Een provincie beheert immers heel veel persoonsgebonden data, die liever niet in een publieke cloud geplaatst worden.

Het raamcontract werd na grondige evaluatie toegekend aan Simac ICT Belgium, waarmee ook voor het vorige raamcontract voor servers en licenties werd samengewerkt. Simac is kind aan huis bij de Provincie Vlaams-Brabant, want ook het contract voor de eindapparatuur zit bij dezelfde leverancier. Simac ICT Belgium stelde als technische oplossing de SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructuur van HPE voor, samen met de servers van HPE, de storage van NetApp, VMware licenties, Microsoft oplossingen en licenties, Veeam, plus de UPS systemen van APC by Schneider Electric.

Volgens Luc Jaspers scoorde Simac ICT Belgium zowel goed op vlak van prijs/kwaliteit, de technische waarde, innovatie en duurzaamheid als op de kwaliteit van de dienstverlening.

In een eerste fase werden begin 2018 al een tiental HPE en SimpliVity elementen aangekocht, goed voor een investering van 500.000 euro. Deze werden meteen al geïmplementeerd ter vervanging van het bestaande datacenter. In een tweede fase wil de Provincie Vlaams-Brabant werk maken van het opzetten van een Disaster Recovery oplossing waarbij ook infrastructuur geplaatst wordt op een tweede site.

Aan de aanbesteding voegde de Provincie Vlaams-Brabant ook het principe van de ‘opdrachtencentrale’ toe. Dat geeft andere lokale overheden zoals gemeenten, steden en andere overheidsinstellingen binnen Vlaams-Brabant toegang tot dezelfde producten en diensten die ook het Provinciebestuur afsprak.

“Met de hyperconverged infrastructuur oplossingen van HPE en SimpliVity die Simac ICT Belgium aan het Provinciebestuur Vlaams-Brabant levert, kan het provinciebestuur zowel op de korte als op de lange termijn zijn dienstverlening aan de eigen werknemers en externe gebruikers als burgers, bedrijven en verenigingen gevoelig verbeteren,” zegt Johan Diels, director bij Simac ICT Belgium. “Door voor ons te kiezen voor de levering, installatie en integratie verzekert het provinciebestuur zich ook van de diensten van een partner die de business van de provincie kent en die uitblinkt in klant- en oplossingsgerichtheid.”

Simac ICT Belgium
Simac ICT België maakt deel uit van Simac Techniek, een strategische ICT integrator die in de hele Benelux actief is. Simac ICT België ziet het als haar core business om de ICT infrastructuur van uw bedrijf optimaal te doen werken om uw bedrijf te laten floreren, eerder dan louter te ondersteunen. Simac ICT België biedt diensten rond Cabling & Infrastructure, Business Management Solutions, Integratie en Professional Services.

Simac and Nlyte Software conclude strategic partnership

Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company focused on the management and optimisation of infrastructure in data centers and colocation facilities, has announced a partnership with Simac ICT Belgium, the high-quality technology organisation that provides personalised improvements to business processes.

Simac ICT Belgium provides essential business improvement services throughout Belgium: business management solutions measuring network monitoring, application performance monitoring, network tracing and forensics and server KPIs and integration as well as hybrid ICT solutions and professional services.

The new European partnership will see Nlyte Software working with Simac ICT Belgium Cabling and Infrastructure business unit to provide data center infrastructure management solutions including the latest releases: Nlyte 9.0 and Nlyte Discovery. This will ensure that organisations throughout the region will have access to industry leading products that can be introduced into existing infrastructures to improve efficiency and give more accurate and timely feeds of information.

Simac ICT Belgium works with hundreds of organisations across a plethora of industries and with Nlyte Software’s partnership, existing and future customers will benefit from solutions that will give them the reliability and robustness to generate maximum output.

“Europe is one of the fastest growing data centre markets in the world and we are delighted to be working with Simac ICT Belgium, a Belgium native organisation that operates to the highest of standards,” said Moshe Benjo, Nlyte Software Vice President, Head of Sales, EMEA. “Our solutions provide industry leading data centre infrastructure management solutions that companies in a variety of industries can easily implement, use and analyse to give them piece of mind and a competitive advantage over their rivals.”

The new strategic partnership will see Nlyte Software’s solutions supplied with Simac ICT Belgium’s trademark quality customer service offering a 360° support including expert implementation, on-site support and consultancy.

Andy Vanbrabant, Simac ICT Belgium (C&I), “Nlyte Software has one of the best reputations of any vendor in the industry so when an opportunity to work with them came up, we didn’t think twice. Nlyte’s array of outstanding products are only bested by its numerous industry accolades and we know, coupled with our expert knowledge and network in Belgium, we will make an unbeatable team.”

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant gunt nieuw raamcontract “server- en storage infrastructuur” aan Simac

Het Provinciebestuur Vlaams-Brabant heeft een raamcontract uitgeschreven voor de levering, installatie, systeemintegratie en onderhoud van server- en storage infrastructuur. Het nieuwe raamcontract is voor 4 jaar gegund aan Simac en heeft een zéér brede scope op gebied van technologieën en oplossingen. De samenwerking tussen de Provincie en Simac loopt hierdoor verder nadat deze al verschillende jaren liep via diverse andere raamcontracten.

Andere overheden kunnen volgens het principe van een “opdrachtencentrale” eveneens gebruik maken van het raamcontract, namelijk:
- gemeentebesturen, OCMW’s en alle andere overheidsinstellingen binnen Vlaams-Brabant
- de 4 andere Vlaamse Provinciebesturen (West-Vlaanderen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Antwerpen & Limburg)

Al deze overheden kunnen de aangeboden diensten en producten aan dezelfde raamcontract voorwaarden krijgen als het Provinciebestuur Vlaams-Brabant. In dat geval worden de contracten rechtstreeks tussen de dienstverlener en de desbetreffende overheid afgesloten.

Naar gelang de noodzaak kan tussen meerdere percelen worden gekozen:
Perceel 1, geconsolideerde server en storage infrastructuur (HCI – Hyper Converged Infrastructure)
Perceel 2, klassieke server en storage infrastructuur

Ook genieten van de beste oplossingen en prijzen zonder zelf een lastenboek uit te brengen? Voor meer informatie over de inhoud en de voorwaarden van dit raamcontract, contacteer Simac!

Christophe Lonnoy – Business Development Manager
+32 (0)477 46 26 96

APC by Schneider Electric grants Simac Cabling & Infrastructure their Partner Of The Year Award

During the latest EMEA Elite Partner event, Simac has been granted the Partner Of The Year Award.

For the last five years, APC by Schneider Electric and Simac have joint forces to build a complementary partnership for its Datacenter Solutions. As a result Simac Cabling & Infrastructure may call itself one of Schneider’s Elite Partners, a status only attributed to three other Belgian companies.

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ICT Industry Insights trend report on ICT Sercurity

ICT Service Provider Simac and Cisco joined their forces to create a map of the ICT-securitylevel in the Dutch industry.

This trend report shows the results of the quantitative research that are derived from previous qualitative in-depth interviews with the research group.

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SimpliVity Partnership

Simac is proud to be a partner of the SimpliVity community, leader in hyper converged infrastructure for the software-defined data center. In the effort to help customers simplify their It platform Simac added SimpliVity to the portfolio. To truly ...

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VOIPFUTURE and Simac Build on Partnership

VOIPFUTURE, Hamburg, and Simac Business Management Solutions, 10th April 2014. Vodafone Netherlands have selected Simac and VOIPFUTURE for the deployment of their continuous quality improvement initiative. Bot...

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Simac ICT first Belgian Cisco Gold Partner in almost ten years

Cisco has made Simac ICT Belgium a Gold Certified Partner – Cisco’s highest certification for expertise and customer support. Simac is now just one of seven Cisco Gold Partners in Belgium, and the first new...

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Simac ICT Belgium and Huawei Technologies sign a strategic cooperation agreement

Huawei Technologies announced that Simac ICT Belgium joins Huawei’s Value Added Partner program in Belgium. The agreement was signed today in the presence of Patrick Bontinckx CEO SIMAC ICT BELGIUM and ...

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