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Providing services is a main activity at Simac Belgium. Our services are aimed at relieving IT departments of routine tasks so that they can focus on offering new functionalities with which the company can differentiate. The managed services of Simac cover the entire lifecycle of ICT infrastructure management. Simac provides specialized services in both the Design and the Build and Run phase.

Simac can offer the services in the various phases independently of each other. If you have already built the entire infrastructure yourself, Simac can still offer managed services for this infrastructure. After all, what matters is that you allow this infrastructure to function optimally, for instance by having the specialists of Simac manage your IT environment. 

Our full range of services

Services in the design phase

In the Design phase, our sales and presales people discuss the goal of your project with you and how we can build the infrastructure for it. We take care that we build a foundation that not only meets your needs today, but caters also to the evolution of your workload and the growth that your business will make. During the design we do not limit ourselves to one single scenario. Our presales services always propose several alternatives and make an overview of the pros and cons of each scenario. This allows you to choose independently from the different options.  Such a design exercise can be made for one specific domain, such as networking or collaboration, but can also be done across different domains. To this end, Simac has cross-domain architects who can design the best total solution.

Services in the Build phase

In the Build phase, we provide project services. We start with a project kick-off, make a clear description of the scope of work, which deliverables can be expected from us, the milestones and the final delivery, followed by the installation and configuration services.

Installation service

During installation we take care of the physical installation of the equipment that is part of the ICT infrastructure. Our technicians check that no equipment is 'dead on arrival', that everything works properly, they connect all equipment together, etc.

Configuration service

The configuration services relate specifically to configuring the ICT infrastructure according to your needs. These services are performed by specialists in that specific niche. For example, this may involve configuring a firewall, or setting up access points for networks. This is where we deliver the functionality you need.

Services in the Run phase

Once the infrastructure has been fully installed and configured, Simac offers a range of services that can make life easy for the IT department. We divide these into three types of services: Reactive Support Service, Proactive Support Service and Operational Management Service. In addition to all these services, we obviously offer reporting on the services rendered.

Reactive Support Service

When you purchase reactive support from us, we will resolve incidents as well as execute pre-arranged requests.

Incident Management

If an incident occurs, Simac will restore normal service within the agreed time.

Request fulfillment service

We process predefined and approved IT-related service requests. This may, for instance, involve access management, granting employees or customers the necessary rights to use a particular service - or taking rights away from users who are no longer authorized. Of course, for such a request we always need the specific approval of the data or service owner.

Proactive Support Service

In this proactive service provisioning, we build on the reactive support service. Not only carrying out pre-agreed requests, but also looking for improvements proactively.

Event Management Service

In event management, we detect and report deviations from the proper functioning of the ICT infrastructure or services. The monitoring we perform indicates that something went wrong or threatens to go wrong. Then Simac intervenes. If you also purchase our incident management services, we will solve the problem within the agreed timeframe. If you do not purchase our incident management services, we will notify you where a fault occurs so that you can resolve it yourself.

What is important about event management services is the in-depth monitoring we can do, but even more so the correlation that is made between events. This allows us to quickly find where the problem is and how we can solve it.

Problem Management Service

When a crucial function or department within your company can no longer work because of a problem with the infrastructure, we intervene. We make a 'root cause' analysis and provide a solution. On the other hand, we also detect recurring problems that are not in themselves crucial to the operation, but which could cause problems later on. For example: if the file server reboots every night at seven o’clock, nobody is bothered by it at that moment. But still we do the root cause analysis and look for a solution.

Update Service

With update services, we ensure that the hardware or software layer of your infrastructure is always kept up-to-date. That way, known bugs are fixed and, thanks to the latest patches, you always have the best possible protection against hacks or cyberattacks.

Operational Management Service

In operational management, we ensure the constant availability of your infrastructure and the rollout of changes.

Availability Management Service

As early as the Design and Build phase, we ensure that the architecture is designed in such a way that both the infrastructure and the applications are always available. In the event of a catastrophe, your infrastructure will continue to function. Our Availability Management service ensures that we regularly test the redundancy and keep the systems up to date. This is closely related to our Continuity Management service.

Continuity Management Service

In continuity management, we proof-test the 'business continuity' together with you. Together, we determine which parts must always be available, and which less crucial parts may lose capacity to keep the business-critical systems running. For example, we may decide that the file server must always be available, and that the capacity of the file server may be at the expense of the capacity of the print server.  Not only do we draw up the plan together, through regular testing we also ensure that the plan can be implemented.

Change & Release Management Service

Change & Release Management goes beyond the previously described update management. It may involve the installation of a service pack, or the deployment of a small application such as WinZip. Major changes, for example the switch from one antivirus software to another, or the upgrade of an operating system are not included in this, but are considered a separate project.

Service Management Service

Adherence to service levels is important. Service management ensures the reporting of the level of services against the agreed KPIs. This enables an analysis that may lead to the necessary improvement measures, on our or your part.

Optimal support

Simac offers a total service aimed at keeping your infrastructure up and running, 24/7. Our managed services intervene as soon as there is a problem and solve it. If a device no longer works as expected or no longer works at all, Simac ensures that a solution is available within an agreed term. This may be by repairing the device or its configuration, but also by looking for a 'workaround' to restore functionality as quickly as possible. This service guarantees that you can provide optimal support to the internal users or your customers, without having to delve into the technical details yourself.

The managed services by Simac ensure that you CAN work the way you WANT to work.

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