Simac Managed Services allow you to focus on what really matters

How much time does your IT staff spend on urgent tasks and putting out fires? Wouldn’t you rather have your IT specialist(s) work on innovations and strategy? Hiring an IT partner specialized in managed services will unburden you from routine tasks and small problems, allowing you to focus on what really matters: helping grow your business and delivering functionality that differentiates your company in the market.

Why work with an external managed service partner?

There are plenty of reasons why letting an external partner manage your datacenter, networks and security is a good idea. Let’s just pick the most important ones:

  • Cost control: maintaining your complex ICT infrastructure with your own resources is quite an expensive affair. Not only do you need to train your staff in a variety of (legacy) tools and technologies, you are also paying licenses for a load of tools that you are perhaps only using irregularly.
  • Automatic upgrades: a managed services partner can ensure that all necessary upgrades and patches are taken care of, so that you can constantly rely on the most robust and up-to-date infrastructure and avoid any exposure to cyber-attacks.
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance: using the right monitoring tools, your managed services partner will be able to detect potential problems before they occur and before your users or customers notice. Prevention is always better than cure.
  • Access to trained and experienced specialists: IT is a growing market and finding the right skilled workers is not easy. By working with an external partner, you need not worry about getting the right specialists on board and training them, that is the task of your managed services partner.

Managed services by Simac

Simac has been offering services for a long time and brings a wealth of experience. Our Managed Services portfolio meets the ITIL framework standards. Thanks to this adherence to the framework, we can help you reduce IT and business risk and build and manage a stable IT environment that is both scalable and agile. We offer a modular catalog of services that allows you to select the level of services that fit your needs. You have the freedom to define what services your own teams will take care of and what services you want to outsource to the experienced Simac Managed Services staff.

"Simac doesn't promise anything that they can't deliver. They are open and honest. We like our service provider to have an opinion and to express it. If you enter into a collaboration of six and perhaps eight years, that is particularly important"

Conny Huysmans - CIO Emmaüs

IT infrastructure management for the entire lifecycle

Simac offers IT infrastructure management across all stages of the infrastructure lifecycle and covers the Design, Build and Run phases.

The Simac Managed Services organization consists of different teams that closely work together through an ITIL-based, central Service Desk tooling.

The Skilled Service Desk takes care of the central intake of support requests. This intake happens through three channels: phone, mail or the self-service portal of our Ivanti Service Desk tooling. The engineers on the Skilled Service Desk are trained to provide end-user support and solve known problems through troubleshooting procedures.

The Desk Side Support team takes care of on-site support at your premises and will also install workplace infrastructure and replace defective devices on-site.

Our Second Line Engineering team is responsible for implementing new infrastructure projects and will also take care of day-to-day management and incident support.

Why partner with Simac for Managed Services?

Simac is your prime partner for Managed Services, for several reasons:

  • Simac is a local partner. This means we will support your IT staff and our end-users in their own language.
  • Services are more than an afterthought for Simac. Services are an integral part of our offering.
  • Simac ICT Belgium has a division specifically dedicated to monitoring. Business Management Solutions specializes in network monitoring, IT infrastructure monitoring and application performance monitoring. This provides us with the tools and expertise to monitor your environment 24/7 and act almost instantly in case of problems.
  • Simac ICT Belgium is part of a larger organization, Simac Techniek NV. This provides us with access to even more expertise and skilled staff.
  • Our engineers are constantly trained in all new technologies in all areas that we cover. They combine their expertise with a customer-centric, can-do attitude.
  • Simac’s Teamnology philosophy means we work closely with our customers in a long-term partnership.

“For local authorities it is easy that they can talk to local people and for the helpdesk they don't end up in a faraway foreign country.”

Luc Jaspers - Head of Information Technology, Province of Flemish Brabant

Are you interested in learning more about how Simac’s Managed Services can unburden you and let you focus on realizing your business goals? Contact us and we will find the right solution for your requirements.

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