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Many companies nowadays struggle with the hunt for IT talent. When it comes to staffing issues, there are two primary determining factors: capacity and performance. If your company suddenly needs more IT workers for a limited period of time, that issue is considered capacity-driven. Should you feel that current staff lacks specific skills or knowledge, we describe the problem as performance-driven.

At Simac Professional Services, we build solutions and deliver services catered to your capacity - or performance-driven IT staffing issues. Our job is to find the right people at the right time – wherever and whenever required. Selecting and screening candidates is our core business, which means the professionals we recruit have both the hard and soft skills required for the job. At Professional Services, it’s all about people.

Our prominent market position as an IT integrator gives us the focus and in-depth customer knowledge required to continue enhancing our offering. Our strong technical expertise gives us a clear-cut vision of which candidate, solution or service best suit your company.

In the end, our job is to find the perfect match between your company and the IT talent we provide. We pride ourselves in taking more parameters into account at intake than our competitors, with an added focus on speed, accuracy and thoroughness of placement. In addition to hard and soft skills, we analyze the customer's values, their culture, their organization type and their dominant ways of communication and interaction (languages, reporting lines, etc.). Simac professionals also receive the necessary training required to stay on top of technical advances, allowing you to focus on your company’s core business. We help you to find the right IT staff and create a long-lasting, sustainable three-way partnership in continuous proximity between us, IT talents, and your company.

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IT Staffing Solutions & Services
Do you need extra skilled personnel for a limited period of time? Does your current staff lack specific skills or knowledge? Then turn to us.