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Digital innovation demands zero-trust access

CIOs are facing a dilemma: on the one hand, the board expects them to drive digital innovation. On the other hand, these innovations bring challenges to the security stance of the organization, as applications and data are dispersed and more employees get access to corporate assets from multiple locations. There is only one way to deal with this dilemma: CIOs need to protect the network with a zero-trust network access policy. That is the basic idea of a new white paper, jointly published by Fortinet and Simac. You can download the white paper from the download panel to the right of this page.

Innovations are critical for business growth. Pockets of innovation are spread throughout the company, which has led to an explosion of network edges. This creates an open environment that is ripe for attack. There are three specific vulnerable areas of the network edge that can be considered untrustworthy: users, devices and assets both on and off the network. Many of the most damaging and successful attacks experienced by organizations and governments over the past couple of years has been focused on edge network devices.

For CIOs and security leaders, it is incredibly difficult to keep up with the growing number of attacks. That is why there is a shift happening, from trusting everything on the network to not trusting anything. With zero-trust access, IT can focus on the users and devices that are connecting to the network, confirming their identity and making sure they have the right amount of access and trust. With a zero-trust access approach, organizations can improve visibility of all devices on and off the network, enable advanced protection, and implement dynamic access control, all while reducing the always-expanding attack surface.

To get a complete update on the new threats and how zero trust is the only right response, download the new whitepaper published by Fortinet and Simac.

Zero-trust access
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Zero-trust access
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Zero trust access whitepaper

Zero-Trust Access Whitepaper