12 August 2023

Simac invests in youth

This year, on International Youth Day we are proud to bring our amazing young employees forward. We know how hard it is to find and keep young talent in these times of labor scarcity. But we are happy to say that we have risen to the challenge and succeeded.

Lars Poortmans

Internship Program 

At Simac Belgium, we are committed to helping young talent grow by providing them with the right educational opportunities. We partner with various colleges and universities to offer students internships and learning pathways. Through these experiences, our youth can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and acquire important skills for the modern job market. Lars Poortmans is one of our former interns who studied at UCLL and now works with us as a permanent employee.
Lars tells us about his experience at Simac: “I was looking for an internship as an informatics student. After a positive interview, Simac gave me and another student the chance to work there for three months. We started working on a project that we were excited about. The friendly atmosphere and the trust to work independently impressed me the most during the internship. You are responsible for your own work, but you can count on colleagues when needed. When Simac asked me to join them as a Young Support Engineer after my internship, I did not hesitate. I feel good here and I know I’ll have the opportunity to grow in the way that fits me best. I’m sure I’ll find out what that way is in the next few years.”

Youth-Oriented HR Policy

Many baby boomers will retire from the IT Industry in the next few years, just like in most other industries. It’s important to focus on attracting young people with the right cultural mindset, skills, and willingness to learn. Besides joining job fairs and partnering with various colleges and universities, Simac colleagues also give guest lectures. This way, we can share our knowledge and show the students what Simac represents.

Cafeteria Plan & fun

Different employees have different preferences when it comes to benefits. That’s why we offer various benefits and let the employee choose whether and how to use the cafeteria plan. You can decide what suits you best, whether it’s a lease bike or another type of benefit. 
Also, at Simac, we regularly have After Work Drinks, where you can bond with your colleagues. Obviously, interns can join these events as they are a full member of the Simac family from day one.

Youthful Leadership

We will continue to focus on attracting new young employees in the next few years. Our Dutch CEO, Eric van Schagen, will hand over the leadership to his daughter, Maartje van Schagen, from the 1st of October. This shows how we are working at all levels to bring in new insights and invest in youth so they can use their talents. 
Happy International Youth Day!

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Patrick Bontinckx
CEO, Simac ICT Belgium

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