22 June 2023

Simac invests in people

A new building with the latest technologies is nice, but the well-being of our employees within that building is by far the most important. The assignment for the architects was therefore twofold: create an ecologically modern building for everyone to feel at home in. 

Remote and nearby

As with most companies, remote working is well-established at Simac. But whereas other companies are increasingly focusing on working from home, we at Simac consciously go against this trend. This doesn’t mean we’re abolishing home working, but we do believe in a healthy mix. 

We firmly believe that physical cooperation, meetings and relaxing in the same place are important for the well-being and group spirit of our employees.

Individual and project teams

In our new building, there is enough space to bring project teams together, but you can also come to Simac headquarters to work individually, undisturbed and concentrated. In any case, the biggest business objectives are not achieved alone. On the contrary, you almost always achieve the best results as part of a team.

Flexible and fixed workplaces

We chose to provide fixed desks in addition to flexible workplaces. That way, you don't have to look for a spot every time you come to the office, but you have your own desk for you to come 'home' to. 

To top it off, all our workstations are also ergonomically designed.

Healthy and ecological

The use of natural materials creates an inspiring and relaxing work environment. Healthy and corporate social responsibility go hand in hand at Simac. In the building, for instance, we use as much natural light as possible. That light not only provides a good dose of vitamin D, but also a positive attitude and less stress. 

Fundamentally our new building in Heverlee not only stands for a highly advanced ecological piece of technology, but it also aims to be a second 'home' for employees. 


Would you also like to come home to Simac? Feel free to take a look at our vacancies and hopefully, we’ll see you soon,


Patrick Bontinckx

CEO Simac ICT Belgium

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