05 September 2023

Simac invests in energy

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, sustainability has emerged as a central tenet that guides the practices of responsible companies worldwide. We have taken a momentous step towards a greener future with the inauguration of our new Belgian headquarters. 

zonnepanelen Simac

On this special occasion where our Dutch colleagues celebrate Sustainable Tuesday, let's delve into how Simac Belgium's innovative approach to construction and operations is setting a new benchmark for sustainable business practices.

Where is the sun?

In its unwavering pursuit of sustainability, we have taken remarkable steps towards harnessing renewable energy sources. The installation of 328 solar panels and the implementation of a BEO (Borehole Energy Storage) field underscore our commitment to eco-friendly practices. The 328 solar panels adorning our premises stand as a testament to our dedication to reducing carbon emissions. 

BEO field

In addition to solar power, we have embraced innovative geothermal technology with our BEO field. This underground energy storage system utilises the Earth's natural heat to regulate the building's temperature, thereby significantly reducing the need for conventional heating and cooling methods. This forward-thinking approach not only minimises energy consumption but also showcases our commitment to exploring innovative solutions for sustainable infrastructure.

Inspiring a Sustainable Future

The integration of solar panels and BEO technology isn't just about energy savings; it's a testament to our dedication to environmental stewardship and a greener future. By tapping into the power of the sun and the Earth, Simac is paving the way for a more sustainable business landscape and inspiring others to follow suit.

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Patrick Bontinckx
CEO Simac ICT Belgium

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