09 February 2021

How visionary are your data? Join our lunch webinar to find out.

Are you using your data as a strategic asset? Would you like to do more with your data?

According to research by IDC, organizations manage an average of 25 data silos across their organization. Are your data siloed too across different clouds, SaaS applications, core data centers and remote locations? Managing the complete lifecycle of these data silos is a regular nightmare.

How would you feel about a modern data protection solution that is fit for the future? A solution with simplified orchestration, automation, cloud readiness, and risk mitigation. Envision a single software fabric to manage your data with speed and simplicity across applications running on-premises and in the cloud. Envision a global metadata index that enables you to do more with your data, using it as a strategic asset beyond backup and recovery. That’s Visionary Data.

Rubrik and Simac invite you to a joint webinar on visionary data on March 25th. Over lunch (a boxed lunch will be provided to your workplace at that moment), we will discuss:

  • What is Visionary Data Orchestration?
  • What is Visionary Data Automation?
  • What is Visionary Data in the Cloud?
  • What is Visionary Data Resiliency? 

Specialists from Rubrik and Simac will bring you actionable insights into how a single, centralized data management platform will allow you to get more value from your data, while also taking care of data security, governance, backup and disaster recovery.

Interested in participating? Register here and let us know where you want your lunch delivered.

We promise you a great session, with a healthy lunch and food for thought about visionary data.

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