GDPR is more than just a deadline

06 August 2018

Today, a couple of months on from the GDPR start date of May 25th 2018, most organizations have completed the first steps in the compliance process. Many of them are now taking things to the next level by embedding the necessary security measures within their business processes. GDPR has always been more than just a deadline; adhering to it is an ongoing process. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) can play a key role in setting out and pursuing the GDPR strategy in any organization – including yours.

Even if the GDPR does not require your organization to actually employ a DPO, it can still be interesting to bring in an officially certified DPO as an external consultant. Even if you think you are completely covered, it can do no harm to let an objective expert double-check that everything is in order. And since you don’t need to add external consultants to the payroll, you have much more flexibility while still benefitting from their expertise. External consultants do not have the same job protection or full-time schedule as employees.

One of the most important tasks of the DPO is to establish what type of personal data is currently stored and maintained, and how it is protected. Secondly, a DPO will design processes and lay down procedures that need to be followed when customers or official agencies enquire about your GDPR practices.

Simac offers a DPO-as-a-Service that allows for flexibility in the number of days and length of time a DPO works at your company or organization. You might decide on one or two days every week, but you can also hire a DPO full-time for a couple of weeks to put all the procedures in place. The DPO can then come back to conduct regular checks afterwards, to keep your GDPR investment on track.

Many DPOs have either a legal or an organizational background. Simac’s DPOs have a strong IT background supplemented by combined legal and organizational expertise. This enables them to take a broader and truly pragmatic view of GDPR, advise on your security architecture and make tailored recommendations on how to resolve your potential shortcomings. Thanks to their excellent communicational, organizational and technical skill sets, our DPOs take your GDPR and security strategy to a higher level.

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