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15 October 2019

"Cyberattacks are a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons." These are not our words, the quote comes from top investor Warren Buffet. As the number of cyberattacks rises, companies need to defend themselves against vulnerabilities.

Many companies may think that they have the necessary protection in place, but research shows that it takes organizations on average six months before they realize there has been a security breach. Just imagine what damage has been done in these six months.

Vulnerabilities can take many forms. Remember the leaks in Internet Explorer and Defender that were made public at the end of September. Every day, the press reports on companies that have been hacked, leading to the exposure of customer data.

You don’t want that to happen. And Simac doesn’t want this to happen to you either. That’s why we have developed the Simac Vulnerability Assessment, which takes a 360 view on your network and delivers a detailed report on potential vulnerabilities and their solutions.

As an introductory offer, we can deliver this assessment at an attractive price. Contact Thomas Vandeput for more information.

Remember: the cybercrime business has become more lucrative than the drugs trade. Protect yourself now!

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