11 September 2023

Boss-Employee Exchange Day: the Importance to Connect with Our Employees and Customers

Today, on Boss-Employee Exchange Day, I would like to share with you the valued experience I had with our colleague Jan Nijs. Together, we visited the Zaventem Fire Department for a technical intervention. As the CEO of Simac, I believe it is crucial to stay connected with our employees and the challenges they face in their daily work. 

Every year, without fail, I make it a point to accompany one of our Simac technicians on a customer field visit for a technical intervention. Allow me to shed light on why I consider this practice so crucial.

1. Customer-Centric Approach:

At Simac, we have always prioritized a customer-centric approach to our business. It's not just about delivering exceptional solutions but also about being there when our customers need us most. By joining our technicians on site, I gain a firsthand understanding of our customers' challenges and needs. This insight helps us tailor our services and support to exceed their expectations.

2. Understanding Real-World Challenges:

While our teams work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge solutions, it's equally important to understand how these solutions function in real-world scenarios. By being on-site during a technical intervention, I can witness firsthand the challenges our technicians and customers face. This knowledge informs our future product development and service enhancements.

3. Empowering Our Technicians:

Our technicians are the backbone of Simac. Their expertise and dedication drive our success. By joining them in the field, I can offer direct support, share insights, and ensure that they have the resources and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional service. This not only benefits our customers but also empowers our technicians to excel in their roles.

I firmly believe that the success of Simac is deeply intertwined with the satisfaction and success of our customers and employees. Besides other commercial business visits, I will continue to accompany one of our technical employees on customer visits, at least once a year.  
And last but not least: a big thank you to Jan Nijs for taking me on this enlightening day!

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Patrick Bontinckx
CEO, Simac ICT Belgium

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