Managed services by Simac are reactive and proactive

Simac offers managed services which ensure that you CAN work the way you WANT to work. This means that we fully adapt our suite of services to your specific needs. Our broad range of services allows you to choose the ones that will benefit you the most. These can be purely reactive services, but also proactive ones.

What reactive services stand for, speaks for itself: if an incident occurs, Simac will restore the normal service within the agreed time. This falls under our incident management services. On the other hand, there is also the 'request fulfillment service'. In that case, Simac executes predefined and approved IT-related service requests.

Our full range of services

Monitoring plays a major role in proactive service provision

Proactive service provisioning involves a lot more. Monitoring the IT infrastructure is of great importance in this respect. To be able to continue guaranteeing the proper functioning of clients’ infrastructure, Simac uses a state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring system. Besides detecting the up/down status of a device, this system is able to monitor numerous other parameters and generate status events on the status dashboard. The monitoring system sends automatically generated alerts to the engineers on duty. That way, they are immediately informed in case of problems.

At the same time, we can also look ahead and detect future problems. For example, when we notice that a hard disk is filling up, we report this in time. We can intervene ourselves when this is pre-agreed, or we can urge the customer to act before an acute problem arises.

Timely detection of anomalies

Incidents that do not cause problems now, but are nevertheless abnormal, are also detected by our monitoring. If a server restarts every night, it may not disrupt normal operation. But it is a sign that something is going on that could become a problem. At that moment, we will look for the root cause to prevent incidents with a bigger impact.

In the same vein is the creation of correlations. The monitoring tooling can make correlations between different events to ensure that only the probable root cause of the problem generates alerts and that underlying infrastructure alerts do not send an overload of information to the engineers or the status dashboard. Otherwise, this overload of information becomes a problem in itself.

Proactive updates for optimal protection

Software remains a crucial element in any IT environment, so it is important to always work with the most recent versions of software. Our update services ensure that both the soft- and the hardware layer of the IT infrastructure are always up to date. In this way, we remedy any bugs and the latest patches offer the best possible protection against any cyber attacks. Simac's security team can also check and analyze daily overviews of newly discovered threats for clients. This enables us to estimate the risks for the client and immediately install the necessary updates and patches.

Reactive or proactive service? The choice is yours. Just know that Simac has years of experience with both forms of services and has the necessary tools and expertise at its disposal to give you peace of mind and the guarantee that all problems are solved in time. Or better still: are solved before they occur.

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