Turning cities into better places to live

Due to ever-increasing population growth, more and more cities around the world are facing such challenges as high traffic density, noise and air pollution and a lack of general safety. Even though both local residents and tourists can boost a city’s economy, many cities struggle under the strain of their own population. Several of them are turning to IoT technologies to alleviate this burden and improve the services offered to their citizens.

In essence, Smart Cities run on a platform that collects and visualizes data gathered by IoT sensors installed throughout their surroundings. These sensors provide information on traffic flow, air quality, temperature, humidity, available parking spots, street lighting, public transportation or the number and location of cyclists. They can even tell when certain trash cans are full and need to be emptied. At first sight, this kind of information may seem trivial, but many cities continue to have growing pains and search for new ways to solve the associated infrastructure problems.

Smart City at work 

One of the biggest Smart City projects in Europe was successfully completed by Simac Technik in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. A live map of the city showcases real-time information pertaining to its entire infrastructure. Simac ICT Belgium intends to offer Smart Cities-as-a-Service, allowing our customers to closely monitor the city’s daily activities and to ultimately better inform and serve its citizens.

We pride ourselves on our leading position within the Smart Cities marketplace. Our Gold Certified Partnership with Cisco, whose Kinetic for Cities platform provides the perfect foundation for creating a Smart City framework, certainly contributes to our expertise.

What's more, Simac was the first Belgian company to be certified by Cisco as an IoT Certified Partner

Interested in making your city smart?
Smart Cities
IoT can help local government benefit from the wealth of data available to them.

A smart city is not a siloed city

Smart Cities are a great idea. The best way to make their vision come true is by taking a broad view and not opting for silos.

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