Improve operational efficiency throughout the supply chain


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Whether we are ready or not: here comes the fourth industrial revolution, with IoT as a powerful driver. Industry 4.0 has the potential to transform our understanding of connectivity and provide a whole new universe of possibilities to collect and use information. Almost every industry is heavily influenced by the speed of current breakthroughs in emerging technologies, so we can ask ourselves - Which industries will be creative enough to take advantage of Industry 4.0?
At Simac, we want to seize this opportunity to help companies improve operational efficiency throughout their supply chain. There are numerous real-world use cases involving IoT applications: from digitizing loyalty points and real estate to locating both goods and people indoors. In these cases, IoT delivers a solid return on investment.

IoT in the supply chain goes beyond technology

Just as we have built positive and lasting relationships with IT suppliers, we are now looking for like-minded IoT suppliers who can provide us with the products we need to build our solutions. Not only do we sell technology, we also make sure children don't get lost, retirement homes and hospitals become safer, customs processes and logistics become easier, and the overall customer experience improves - one solution at a time.
IoT solutions are not readily available. Together we can stimulate IoT initiatives and create new digital ecosystems in different sectors. Our goal is to tell a different story than we started with - from IT integrator to IoT integrator.
Optimize the supply chain?
Industry 4.0
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We created a demo showing how IoT and Blockchain can work together to improve visibility in the supply chain.

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