When data performance and data protection go hand in hand

Data has been called many things over the last decade. ‘Data is the new gold’. ‘Data is the new oil’. Oil and gold may be abundant natural resources, but they are also finite resources. One day, the Earth may run out of oil or gold. But it is highly unlikely that the world will ever run out of data.

How you can best protect data, while keeping up their performance is the topic of a recent white paper, authored by NetApp, Rubrik and Simac. You can download the white paper on the right hand side of this webpage.

Data is a force of nature

If we want to compare data to anything else, it’s best to see data as a force of nature, like water, air, earth, and fire. These will never run out, and we have become just as dependent on data as we are on water or air. Taking away data from an enterprise is just as lethal as taking away air from a human being.

Data are both an asset and a burden to enterprises, as they deliver value, while also demanding a lot of attention in the form of management and protection. Many companies have to juggle budget and resources to optimize cost, improve performance and maintain the integrity of their systems. To power the business applications of the future, IT teams require data management and object storage solutions that optimize cost and performance at enterprise scale.

How to protect your data

Data need protection, so much is clear. And that is how the Rubrik NetApp Alliance came into being, combining the best of data protection with enterprise-grade object storage.

NetApp StorageGRID is a software-defined object storage solution that supports industry-standard object APIs. StorageGRID information lifecycle management policy simplifies data management so that your data is in the right place at the right time, automatically.

Rubrik is a cloud data management platform that collapses backup software, catalog management, replication and deduplicated storage into a single appliance that scales linearly.

With NetApp StorageGRID and Rubrik, users can now automate data lifecycle management through Rubrik’s simple control plane while leveraging StorageGRID as a cloud-scale, object-based archive target. Together they provide policy-based simplicity, simple linear scaling while remaining vendor agnostic.

In this new white paper, we:

  • expand on some of the challenges data-driven companies face
  • give an insight into how implementing Rubrik Cloud Management for NetApp StorageGRID will solve some of these challenges
  • provide you with guidance on how to pick the right integrator for this Rubrik/NetApp combination.

Interested in finding out more? Then download the white paper on the right hand side of this page.

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