Moving to the cloud, step by step

While cloud computing holds many advantages for most companies, not ever organization is comfortable with moving its entire infrastructure to this new IT consumption model. Simac’s new offering allows the IT department to migrate to the cloud at its own pace. By slowly getting acquainted with the principles of cloud computing, organizations can build up experience and confidence.

Predictable, secure and structured journey to the cloud

Simac offers you cloud services in your own familiar environment. We purchase the complete data center infrastructure for you, install it and orchestrate it in your own data center. Via our managed services and professional monitoring tools, we ensure that this infrastructure is always available and protected against all possible threats, such as ransomware. By using a pay-as-you-go principle, you will only pay what you use, and you don’t need to make CapEx investments.

Our new cloud service brings you the best of both worlds: we offer you an on-premise, private cloud experience, with all the benefits of the cloud model, but without the disadvantage of having to invest in your own infrastructure. This is an ideal way to take your first steps towards the cloud. You do this under the expert guidance of Simac ICT Belgium. 

Simac is the ideal guide for your cloud journey

If you have ever worked with Simac, you know that we have a heart for managed services. As a local partner, we are ideally positioned to help you take all the right steps in getting cloud experience:

  • We are specialized in infrastructure hardware and software and have excellent relationships with many A-brands.
  • We offer on-premise private cloud services in your own environment.
  • We forge a close partnership with our customers and treat your data and infrastructure as if they were our own.
  • We are a local partner with local people who help you in your own language. The engineers who maintain your infrastructure are the same ones who implemented it in your data center.
  • We offer you a flexible financial plan, with no unpleasant surprises.

Contact us for more info on your secure journey to the cloud

Are you considering cloud computing, but do you have doubts on where to start? Download the flyer on the right-hand side of this page. Or contact us to discuss how we can make difference for your company.

Are you considering moving to the cloud?
Let us help you move to the cloud step by step