A holistic approach to cyber security advisory

In today’s complex security threat landscape, many companies struggle to safeguard their IT environment. To stop skilled hackers and cyber criminals from forcing their way through your defenses, modern organizations need equally skilled cyber security experts.

What differentiates Simac ICT Belgium from other security integrators is the full breadth of security solutions we offer. On top of that, our consultants also deliver advisory services to help you identify and overcome cyber security risks and establish end-to-end, top-notch IT security.

Data protection laws apply to all companies that process personal data. To assist these companies in devising and orchestrating their GDPR strategy, a certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be of great value. Our DPOs stand out from the crowd by combining their legal knowledge with technical know-how. They act as an independent, objective compliance officer who assists your company in both word and deed.

Valuable insights into cyber security

While maintaining GDPR compliance is of extreme importance, companies must also be aware of the other vulnerabilities in their IT environment. Network vulnerability scanning and penetration tests can help you to take the appropriate corrective actions to minimize the impact of cyber security breaches. Our pentesters are NATO cleared and hold a SANS / GIAC certification, which guarantees they have the necessary knowledge and attitude and truly establishes them as experts in their field.

At Simac, we take a holistic approach to auditing. Our security consultants analyze the in- and outbound traffic and produce detailed reports to help you gain insights into any perimeter vulnerabilities that might pose additional security risks. They then recommend which protective actions should be taken to block even the most sophisticated threats.

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