Teamnology in challenging times

Below is the content of a letter sent to customers of Simac ICT Belgium on March 18th, 2020:

Dear valued customers,

We hope this message finds you in good health, while we navigate through this serious time for our families, community, and staff.

You are very important to us. We are not able to do what we do every day without great customers like you, so a wholehearted thank you from all of us to you!

We view our customers as part of our extended team, and will continue to do so, going forward.

We take the impact of COVID-19 very serious and we wanted to take a moment to give you an insight into how Simac ICT Belgium is taking precautions during this time to keep everyone safe: our customers, our staff and their families. 

Most of these measures already went into effect last week, but we have stepped them up after the announcements of our government yesterday:

  • Since last week we obliged the maximum of staff to work from home. We have also made a split in the different technology clusters at Simac.
  • When people do come to the office, we ask them to spread and leave enough distance between each other to work safely. We follow the principle of social distancing. 
  • Staff who are not feeling well, are ordered to stay at home. The same applies when someone in staff’s family is infected. We will inform you as a client if this impacts our work for you.
  • If one of our staff members is infected, we will check what customer sites he/she has visited and we will inform you.
  • We have canceled all business travel abroad and all symposia, ICT events and vendor gatherings. We have encouraged our staff to stay in Belgium.
  • Internal meetings are held through Skype, WebEx or other conferencing tools. After all, Simac ICT Belgium is an ambassador of networking and collaboration tools.
  • Meetings with customers have been converted to conference calls where possible or have been postponed.
  • We do not travel between our 5 sites in Belgium.

Some of our activities with you entail on-site work on customer premises. In these cases, we have given our staff instructions to be as vigilant as possible, to make sure to wash and disinfect their hands regularly. Any activity that can be dealt with remotely, will be dealt with remotely.

In these difficult times, we want to continue to deliver the highest level of support – the level of support you expect from Simac ICT Belgium. 

So don’t hesitate to contact me or your regular contact person at Simac. We will assist you to the best of our possibilities.

From our side, we are also interested in knowing what precautions you are taking, and what impact you think the COVID-19 crisis has on our work with you: our projects, Professional Services activities, implementation, deliveries, … If there is an impact on our collaboration, let’s work out individual plans for work targets and deliverables.

Over the years we have built a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Our activities focus on technology, but above all we want to build long-term partnerships, hence our slogan of ‘Teamnology’.

We will continue that Teamnology spirit through all our digital contact moments.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones during this time, and always!


Kind regards,

Patrick Bontinckx

CEO Simac ICT Belgium


Patrick Bontinckx
Patrick Bontinckx

Patrick Bontinckx is CEO of Simac ICT Belgium. Patrick joined Simac over 20 years ago, and has headed the organization ever since. Prior to joining Simac, he held sales functions at Digital Equipment.

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