Simac as cloud migration service partner: the FAQs on a silver platter

Johan Diels

A move to the cloud comes with its own challenges for any business, and as the cloud encompasses many different technologies, companies often lack enough specified in-house skills. Therefore, most organizations decide to go with a specialized partner, such as Simac. But why choose Simac in particular?

The questionnaire below and the answers provided by Simac can already give you some guidance.

Which characteristics are essential for a cloud migration service partner?

A good cloud migration service partner doesn’t just move your data from your on-premise storage location to the cloud, but will strategize with you to consider what the best cloud opportunities are to address your specific needs. Where does the cloud makes sense and add value, and for which workloads is traditional storage a better choice? Choose a partner with a wide range of options who can help you ascertain which options are right for you.

Do you first choose your platform and then your cloud migration service partner, or vice versa?

Look for a partner who can help you to delve into the offerings of different cloud platform suppliers and provide you with details on both the pros and cons of your decisions. An experienced cloud migration service partner is in the best position to guide you between traditional storage methods and the most important cloud providers. Simac can help you make the right platform choice suited to your specific business needs.

Which do you choose best: a local partner or a worldwide player?

For the customer, it is important to work with a local partner, because they can defend their interests with the major providers. If you have to negotiate directly with large parties, such as Amazon, you have too little power. Besides, a partner such as Simac looks at the total picture: cloud is often just a  part of each customer's infrastructure.

To what extent does a partner need to have an understanding of my business processes?

More and more, IT has become the heart of every company’s business process. Therefore, it is important to choose a partner that understands your particular IT structure and business model, so they are poised to pose questions as: how can we optimize your business by taking some of your data to the cloud? And is a certain application constantly needed, or can it be scaled according to the business demand?

What distinguishes Simac from other cloud migration partners?

Simac has been active in IT for 47 years. In comparison with other cloud-native players, that means that Simac has both knowledge of the traditional infrastructure environments as well as the newer cloud platforms. With more than 1,100 employees and 18 offices spread across Europe, we consider ourselves to be a local player who nonetheless has the strength to deal with global cloud parties. We put data mobility first and think about cloud exit strategies to avoid vendor lock-in. It is this long-term thinking, and the ensured value it provides, that makes us truly distinctive within our field.

Convinced of our worth as your next cloud migration service partner? Contact us for more information on how we can help you move your business data to the cloud.

Johan Diels
Johan Diels

Johan Diels has over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry. He started out as a business consultant and moved on to become a sales manager. Currently he is director of the Integration business unit.

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Simac as cloud migration service partner: the FAQs on a silver platter
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