Why even pharma giants need external consultants for their data center

Bart Vermeersch

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide need data centers to support the full scope of their activities. Data centers are vital for the continuity of the company’s daily business operations. But who is responsible for the daily data center operations? Not all pharmaceutical companies are equipped with an internal IT department that specializes only in data center operations. Successfully managing a data center is often the task of knowledgeable external consultants.

Simac Professional Services is glad to cater to these needs.

One of the world's biggest pharma companies selected our non-stop service to take care of the daily floor-management in the data center that supports their entire EMEA region. This is done by one key senior data center-engineer on site, assisted by a pool of knowledgeable backup people.

The added value of an external consultant

Allowing an external IT consultant to inject his expertise into the existing data center structures, can be of great benefit to the company as a whole. Usually, an external consultant will provide a higher level of knowledge and experience. Coming from a (sometimes international) pool of consultancy talent, they bring in new ideas from a broader perspective. They can draw on comprehensive insights and specific IT know-how that  internal employees lack.

At the pharmaceutical data center, our IT consultant offers full-time maintenance and support. From a financial point of view, buying the full consultancy package has proved to be very cost-effective for this pharma multinational. The service provided by Simac includes 40 hours of on-site support and a 24/7/365 activated call-out system. In general, the data center runs rather smoothly, but if something goes wrong, it is our IT consultant’s responsibility to handle the problem as soon as possible. This means that our consultant saves the company both time and money.

External consultants are seen as independent players. Thanks to Simac’s wide array of data center equipment suppliers, our on-site IT consultant can offer a complete overview of the best possible solution to each individual incident. Moreover, there is a continuous improvement of the service offered; the Professional Services unit at Simac ensures that our external consultant obtains the necessary data center management certifications.

Long-standing collaborations

Pharma giants clearly see the added value in hiring an external Professional Services supplier. In our long-standing collaboration with this pharm company, for instance, our skilled IT consultant has been managing the daily data center operations for more than eight years. Recently, that consultant has been selected to participate in a new project. The project includes a stocktaking exercise, followed by an analysis of the current status of all of their computer rooms worldwide. The fact that our consultant is the only ‘outsider’ to be included in this project, proves that this pharma multinational acknowledges the added value of an external Professional Services provider.

To conclude: an external IT consultant can act as an efficient problem-solver, an educated timesaver and a specific knowledge-bringer. Hiring one to run daily operations will have our customers reap the benefits in the long run.

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