Cybercriminals. How can you arm yourself against them?

With the advent of the internet, cybercrime is also coming to the fore. This form of crime is developing rapidly. The area where internet fraudsters are active is rapidly expanding to include webshops, banks, and private individuals. The weapons against these online crimes? Fortunately, these tools are also advancing.

Not only are anti-malware programs strongly represented; a lot of attention is also paid to people’s awareness about this form of crime. Every computer user plays a major role in preventing problems, especially when it comes to the form of cybercrime called phishing.

First check, then click

In phishing, hackers try to steal the recipient's details by e-mail. The e-mail is sent by a party known to the recipient. The criminals often use the name of a parcel service or a bank. In the e-mail, the recipient is called upon to click on a link to track the package they are about to receive. Or reset a password in case the e-mail comes from a bank.

The link opens a site developed by the hackers themselves, similar to the original webpage of the company that supposedly sent the mail. This is how the private data is stolen. In short: first check, then click.

Internet crime: different forms

There are, of course, many other ways in which Internet fraud is committed. Such as through:

  • Social engineering: by posing as a familiar person, hackers deceive people. Criminals appeal to people by drawing their attention to an urgent payment.
  • Domain hijacking: by hijacking a domain name, visitors are redirected to a replicated site, where they are asked to leave their details.
  • DDoS attack: hackers send enormous amounts of data to a system. The system is overloaded in such a way that information traffic is no longer possible.

What can you do about this?

One way to arm yourself against this cybercrime is to check the link before you click on it. However, data security is difficult to guarantee. What is the best protection for company information?

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella creates an extra line of defense against cybercriminals. The Umbrella intervenes, even before the entered domain name connects to untrusted IP-numbers.  That way, it prevents the establishment of a connection to a suspicious site. This is how Cisco Umbrella protects your network against malware, ransomware, phishing, and virus-infected devices that want to make contact with your network. It is a powerful weapon that prevents threats from reaching your network. ‘End of the line’ for internet fraudsters!

Johan Diels
Johan Diels

Johan Diels has over 20 years experience in the ICT industry. He started out as a business consultant and grew into the position of sales manager. At Simac ICT Belgium, he is Director of the Integration division.

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Cisco Umbrella provides protection against phishing

Cisco Umbrella

Setting up this extra umbrella that prevents cybercriminals from putting you in trouble is not complicated. Simac ICT Belgium can ensure that Cisco Umbrella is up and running within an hour.

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