Bridging the gap between IT and facilities

Gaining insight into the operational aspects is a prerequisite for the successful build of a data center. After the architectural design and construction phase, the white space needs to be equipped with facility infrastructure and connectivity components, which are vital to support a company’s daily IT operations. The interior fit out of a data center facility is a complex but crucial phase in its life cycle. Although most IT organizations have the necessary understanding to satisfy their businesses’ needs technology-wise, the specialty skills required for this activity do not commonly form part of their core competence.

The final goal is to get all IT equipment operational within the predefined space. A match must be found between IT’s requirements and a facility’s desired availability. To get there, Simac will lead the way and assist in designing the data center interior, ensuring that all the pieces of the puzzle fit. A dedicated set of design rules applies, derived from a multitude of applicable standards and guidelines.

Our expertise extends slab-to-slab

By providing key stakeholders with new insights, Simac seeks to bridge the gap between IT and facility teams. In the design phase, we act as an intermediary and communicate with all parties involved. Our intention is to make them realize they observe the same object from a different angle, which brings them together in pursuit of a common goal.

In the design process, our expertise in the data center space extends slab-to-slab. Our project teams zoom in on facility aspects, that range from raised floor to overhead bus bars, and everything in between. Rack placement & cable raceways, ceiling & raised floor heights, containment & airflow management, power & cooling capacity – to name just a few – are all included in the equation.

Maximizing operational efficiency in the data center

At Simac, we understand that data center infrastructure goes far beyond power and cooling. Genuine concerns such as physical security (i.e. access & intrusion control, CCTV) and environmental control (i.e. monitoring, automated fire detection & extinguishing) will be tackled in due fashion. Maximizing operational efficiency in today’s data center requires more than simply drawing a line from A to B.  

Our expertise extends across the entire project flow, from concept to realization. To us, the key to a truly successful fit out is to start working with clients in the planning process as early as possible. We gladly acknowledge our responsibility as a principal consultant: where our main endeavor is to understand the customer’s IT needs and bridge the gap with facilities. Our ultimate focus is on working out a balanced proposal, never losing sight of the main goal. That is: to deliver a scalable, flexible and high-performance data center, whether it consists of a renovation project, expansion or a newly build facility.

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Data center fit out
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