Be compliant with the highest standards

Companies worldwide are faced with challenges inherent to the ongoing digital transformation. Emerging technologies aside, internet connectivity and data centers are the most important enablers of this trend, which necessitates an ever-increasing demand for storage and computing power. Consequently, modern-day data centers have evolved into fast-paced, dynamic environments.

Simac has developed a suite of services to help IT managers design, build & run their data center. The solutions we bring to market comply with the highest cabling standards, set forth by international organizations such as IEC/ISO and EIA/TIA. Our approach maximizes system flexibility and future proofs the cabling system’s usability.

Design your data center to final capacity

When translating the client’s requirements into high speed connections, we take both physical and budgetary constraints into consideration. The differences in lifespan, between the physical layer of the OSI-model and the applications we connect in the data center, inspire us to avoid short-term fixes. In contrast, we prefer to shine a light on what your data center might look like in 15 or 25 years and add that vision to the equation. That’s why we ‘design to final capacity’.

Our approach is unique. We know what it takes to operate a data center and are ready to bring our acquired knowledge to the design table. As we realize every customer is unique, we would be delighted to take a deep dive into your way of working to get a head start.

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Is your data center designed to final capacity?

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