Let us guide you through the build process

Clients planning to build a data center often benefit from a step-by-step guide throughout the process. As an integrator firmly rooted in IT, Simac can offer the required guidance and draft a strategic roadmap for you to follow towards your goal.

Our in-house experts offer a comprehensive set of services: we supply high-quality material from leading manufacturers, oversee the installation of your entire IT infrastructure and manage the project from concept to realization. Competent project management skills are indispensable for bringing a data center build project to a successful conclusion.

Building your data center, efficiently

Simac professionals safeguard the just-in-time principle: to improve process efficiency, we receive only the material we need, at the exact moment of installation at your premises. This method requires planning and care for all involved. We have adopted a well-defined logistical flow, which can easily be adapted to your preferred way of working. Thus, our method prevents impeding progress on the construction suite.

We distinguish ourselves through our drive, knowledge and experience. Our skilled and certified professionals have commissioned data centers of all types and sizes. Realizations range from small-scale server rooms with only a few racks, to large-scale projects involving 500+ racks installed in twin data centers for multinational clients.

We offer a long-term solution that can be implemented in modular blocks, based on a ‘final design’ to allow the data center to grow as your organization does. Our approach ensures that you can keep operating worry-free in a rapidly evolving environment, making Simac the right partner for your data center projects.

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Building your data center
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